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The football coach and a security officer attempt to uncover what is happening at the frat house, forcing Daddy to take matters into his own hands.
7/13/20 6:41 AM
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7/13/20 6:11 AM
7/9/20 12:07 PM
2273 words
On his way back to school, a college football star makes the mistake of pissing off a "fan".
7/7/20 9:42 AM
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A vacation to New Orleans turns out to be a much bigger change for a couple than they expected.
7/4/20 2:47 PM
Carson isn't too sure about Monster Truck shows. But he's going to like them way more, soon enough.
6/27/20 6:24 PM
Colin (currently in Kieron's body, so Ceerin) now has possession of the laptop once more, with the correct DNA. What willhe do to Kieron and Troy?)
6/17/20 7:45 AM
6/13/20 3:07 PM
6/9/20 1:10 PM
Tiff is so pissed at Colin's DNA trap on his laptop that turned all their planned changes to Colin back onto Si who was now a thinner, small cocked sassy himbo. Was there anything she could do to help him, and what would Colin do to her if he caught her on his Chronivac enabled laptop?
6/5/20 5:08 AM