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4951 words
When Aaron, a grad student, meets three strinkingly similar handsome, hairy men, his memories start to shift to remember his three - or is it one? - guardian(s) and lover(s). Or; Even Hade's dog needs a pup of their own.
8/11/20 5:41 AM
3074 words
An actor goes to get some new headshots that turn up quite differently than expected
8/11/20 4:01 AM
8/10/20 8:29 PM
5184 words
Cerus is the new chieftain of the satyrs, whether he likes it or not. But when he finds himself in a strange land will he be able to get back to his people?
8/10/20 8:03 PM
Aed's taking shit from the other War Dogs because he's hot for Sgt. Yates. They aren't wrong, and it's been too long since he had a good rut. But the wolf curse is capricious, and often gets in the way.
8/10/20 8:04 AM
7489 words
Two popular streamers are given cat headsets as punishment for losing a game. The results have been documented for future analysis.
8/10/20 8:01 AM
A handsome superhero responds to a routine call to headquarters. Little does he know, an evil genius has designs on his mind and body.
8/9/20 8:38 AM
8246 words
Micah is down on his luck and looking for work. He meets a massive business man that may be able to change that.
8/9/20 8:37 AM
6481 words
Rick's roommate keeps using his stuff without asking. One day, he mistakes a magic salve that was meant for Rick's dick, as mouthwash, and then everyone starts looking at him differently after he uses it.
8/8/20 8:18 PM
4704 words
A journey to the nest where new jockey parasites are born.
8/8/20 4:25 PM