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The mysterious stranger searches for more information about Vanilla with the assistance of the town librarian.
8/14/20 7:12 PM
3812 words
8/14/20 4:22 PM
2654 words
8/14/20 4:21 PM
3932 words
The town sheriff is starting to catch on. He tracks down the mysterious stranger and demands answers. The stranger provides him with a whole new perspective.
8/13/20 7:22 PM
A Spring Breaker develops a new obsession after a chance encounter.
8/12/20 5:00 AM
8/11/20 8:27 PM
The mysterious stranger visits a neighbourhood bar and makes some improvements.
8/11/20 8:26 PM
Josh and Chad perform another show and Chad has realizes his true nature.
8/11/20 3:58 AM
3309 words
The mayor drops by to welcome the mysterious stranger. This mayor running a certain kind of town - he just doesn't know it yet.
8/10/20 8:29 PM
1658 words
A video recommended by a friend brings John to the edge.
8/10/20 8:03 PM