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A gay couple go to Mexico looking to reignite their passion.
9/6/06 8:00 PM
Mark Gordon
Kevin finds that his costume or lack of one is desired by another man.
11/4/07 7:00 PM
Mark Gordon
Mr. Devon find his Fountain of Youth
11/16/07 7:00 PM
Keeky 4/19/09 8:00 PM
Chad is turned into a slave, and David takes full advantage
9/1/11 8:00 PM
Nibelung 9/22/11 8:00 PM
Jack Conoff
How massage helped Jack discover himself.
12/1/11 7:00 PM
Jimmie 1/4/12 7:00 PM
Baralai 3/14/12 8:00 PM
Mr.Dick 3/29/13 8:00 PM
Joey B
Van gives Travis the chance to redo his youth.
7/11/13 8:00 PM
Derek Williams
Nate insists Connor comes to the bar, Connor doesn't realize that he's the entertainment.
2/9/14 7:00 PM
Cris Kane
Wayne persuades his ailing partner Mac to travel to a mysterious health resort for one final trip.
8/7/14 12:45 AM
The small man has a plan to get big again. Will it work? Features male shrinking, humiliation and BDSM.
10/5/15 12:46 AM
Jason finds out what his captor has planned for him
11/22/15 11:28 AM
Derek Williams 2/7/16 9:12 AM
Blank Rasa
Mark gets a letter telling him how the world has changed, and how he's changed with it
2/25/16 2:28 AM
Landon applies for the position of assistant coach, but ends up getting changed into the star wrestler by Coach Daniels.
2/25/16 10:32 AM
Will Topping
Final chapter in Mike's slow destruction from hot, hung, jock to horny boi slut.
2/27/16 12:43 AM
Willie Cici
A journalist pursues a story that had irrevocable consequences . . . .
3/14/16 3:37 AM
Willie Cici
Tim could not accept his friend Doug's sudden disappearance. He had to learn the truth . . .
4/1/16 6:22 PM
Willie Cici
Dylan's daddy has a new toy for him . . .
4/30/16 4:35 AM
screamingmoist 5/2/16 1:00 AM
Estheim 5/2/16 5:36 PM
This is the final part to New Life for Cooper. The story will continue with the story of Ivan's Barbershop.
5/27/16 6:35 AM
A commuter experiences a life changing event while waiting for a bus
6/6/16 6:53 AM
screamingmoist 6/8/16 1:25 AM
Blond hair really is thicker all around, isn't it? This clean-cut brown-haired politician experiences a couple major changes by the time this transformation is over! [Commissioned Piece]
6/9/16 9:57 PM
Dutchutch 6/16/16 3:27 PM 6/26/16 9:25 PM