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screamingmoist 2/14/09 7:00 PM
screamingmoist 2/27/09 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken 3/16/10 8:00 PM
After an encounter in the dance club toilets, a man becomes a boi toy along with anyone around him.
4/2/11 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken 4/2/11 8:00 PM
Hot Lava 6/8/13 8:00 PM
Cris Kane
Jack accidentally grabs his missing roommate's Twink-brand shampoo in the shower and feels like a new man.
12/8/14 2:59 AM
Adam and Robbie, childhood friends now college roommates, tease a gay couple resulting in a curse very slowly transforming the two straight bros into stereotypical “alpha top & sissy bottom.”
3/2/16 8:21 AM
A sheltered, closeted, engineering student finds out how green the grass is on the other side.
5/12/16 12:34 AM
A sheltered, closeted, engineering student finds out how green the grass is on the other side.
6/6/16 4:20 AM
screamingmoist 11/16/16 9:52 PM
A private inspector gets more than he bargained for when a high-profile case comes his way. Can he solve it before he becomes one of the victims? And what the hell is "The Communion?"
3/4/17 4:43 AM
Ricky awakens in an unknown place, and learns to change his tune. Meanwhile, the first trap is sprung.
3/4/17 5:18 AM 5/15/17 1:15 AM
screamingmoist 6/26/17 9:09 PM
Kane Swift
Two bro’s make a bet with the aid of mysterious device. The consequences of which become more real that they could imagine
10/7/17 3:51 PM
Andrew finds himself in a porno. (Un)luckily he can't seem to escape it.
12/27/17 5:03 AM
A bodybuilder gets a makeover from his smaller boyfriend.
8/16/18 12:48 PM
Carlos is a good Christian boy who wants nothing more than to lead a good, fulfilling life. He hopes that the Church at his new college will help him find his place...
9/15/18 11:53 AM
Wonder Bread
Straight married conservative bro Jason falls under the thrall of his sexy new boss, and he and his best from become the slutty bottoms they were meant to be.
10/19/18 9:39 AM
M. Greene 11/24/18 6:17 PM
Henry snitches on some wrestler jocks who have a unique way of dealing with nerds: Turn them into members of the team!
12/26/18 7:05 AM
Danny's continues visiting Bill's apartment, and begins to notice the effects.
1/15/19 4:06 AM
JR_Sagger 1/20/19 10:31 PM
A hunky wrestler tries to help a twink put on some muscle, but doesn't realize what it'll cost him.
3/28/19 8:51 PM
Ayyy 4/21/19 9:34 PM
The Fate of Desire
Raul has an unexpected visit from an old friend before he and his new friend Carlos head out to experience Day 2 of Coachella.
4/23/19 11:10 AM
Devin, a gay jock, seeks out Richie, a new gay waiter at the restaurant. After a crushing rejection from Richie, Devin asks him if there’s any way possible to become Richie’s type of guy. Unknown to Devin, Richie has a particular taste in men.
4/28/19 3:28 PM
The Mysterious Game has found its way to a new set of boys. What will their heaven look like?
5/1/19 6:17 AM
The Game has begun and changes have already started. What further twists will the boys encounter.
5/2/19 2:36 PM