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As the game continues we see just how deep some of the changes go and learn a dark aspect about one of the boys.
7/16/18 12:49 PM
Pride Month rocks the university as students learn new things about themselves
6/29/18 6:30 AM
6/25/18 8:17 AM
Brad turns the tables on his friend Zayne and his friend, Greg . . . .
6/11/18 3:42 AM
6/2/18 6:35 AM
5/23/18 4:05 AM
Kurt and Luke arrived at their friend Chad's pool party. Things did not turn out as they expected . . .
5/23/18 3:56 AM
Sometimes a straight guy just really needs to prove he's gay to help a new friend out
5/16/18 5:51 AM
International espionage are no match for the Agents of C.I. . . . .
5/15/18 3:29 PM
International espionage are no match for the Agents of C.I. . . . .
5/13/18 7:26 PM
4/16/18 7:12 AM
4/9/18 4:51 AM
3/26/18 11:27 AM
3/23/18 9:56 AM
3/20/18 8:18 PM
Hideki loves his boyfriend, he just wishes that things were going a bit better for him.
3/10/18 6:40 AM
Matthew's Finale with Brian. Brian proposes and Matthew accepts... but why are they attending a strange party with a mix of older gentlemen and young, hot hunks?
3/8/18 12:34 AM
3/6/18 12:36 PM
3/4/18 1:11 PM
Matthew is ready to get a new therapist... but is all as it seems?
3/3/18 3:08 AM
12/30/17 1:19 PM
The End. Will Dominic end up with Tomas? Will Brent escape with the magic dildo that lets him satisfy his lust and regain some semblance of rational thought? Will Jerry win? Is Kyle just a diaper boy? Will the Jizzmas Elf live to see another Christmas?
12/24/17 6:40 PM
In a round about way, Tomas also gets a delayed Christmas present...
12/23/17 11:01 PM
The pill that changes lives . . .
10/9/17 4:50 PM
Marshall works at Euphrates, and decides to test his latest project out on his gay roommate, David.
10/6/17 12:37 AM
Three buddies sign up for a medical trial that is offering full scholarships as a reward. What could go wrong?
9/25/17 8:56 PM
Jalen meets his match. Life will never be the same . . .
9/5/17 6:07 PM
Leo likes to play with his daddy. Luckily, he has two 'papis' . . .
8/19/17 4:36 AM
Justin continues his work, being a jerk, soon Mark would be aware of that.
8/17/17 2:16 PM
Evan's boyfriend does not appreciate him. Things are going to change.
6/4/17 4:50 AM