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11281 words
The male chartacters of STV are enslaved by a superior life force...
10/18/05 8:00 PM
Scott finds the iChange, and experiments ensue. (More to come)
1/27/07 7:00 PM
A bookstore owner on vacation is offered a mind-control drug
5/9/07 8:00 PM
3065 words
11/8/11 7:00 PM
3186 words
Tony Stark refuses to relax, Jarvis is programmed to take care of him whether he likes it or not.
12/31/12 7:00 PM
4917 words
A High School student figures out how to fulfill some fantasies he didn't even know he had.
9/6/14 2:42 PM
3633 words
Tom and Pat learn the hard way why you should never buy cheap technology from strange Psych professors,,,
2/7/15 11:41 AM
3161 words
Mr. Chambers' new inventions finally seem to be perfected, and when Adam and Kyle stay behind to complete their assignment, he has a perfect opportunity to test his inventions out.
2/18/15 7:01 AM
Classic hyptrance story from 2009. See more at
9/7/15 9:16 PM
Jake created an invention to change the world. But first he wants to change his bully.
12/8/15 7:19 PM