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A superhero goes on his nightly patrol, but is drawn in by an unknown villain, Overmind
10/29/19 9:23 PM
Lex Luthor's Superman Clone might be slightly imperfect... but seriously HUNG!
10/25/19 5:38 PM
After saving the world The Rainbow Riders are at a loss of what to do, good thing Master Villain has an idea.
10/19/19 3:13 PM
Ethan White
The thought of losing his Master makes Corey snap, and a new villain is born.
9/28/19 6:26 AM
Our hero gets temporarily infected with a new kryptonite's effects
9/23/19 8:14 PM
With all the New Supermen falling under his spell, it looks like Lex Luthor might triumph at last.
9/23/19 11:07 AM
Is this increased level of sexual desire the New Normal... or is something more sinister going on?
9/23/19 9:10 AM
The New Supermen begin their training -- and bonding...
9/22/19 12:30 PM
Superman is leaving Earth! Now, rookie officer Max is one of the men chosen to be his replacement.
9/22/19 7:36 AM
The Editor tries out more subtle approach, will he succeed?
9/15/19 5:57 AM
Ethan White
Corey has a warm reunion with the demon lord Melthazadaan, to whom he's been entrusted by his master for an entire day, in his dreams. However, when he is forced to return to the land of the living, it seems that everything has gone to shit.
9/12/19 5:59 AM
sb jb mc
The final chapter of the Collector
9/6/19 5:15 AM
Theo gets a new power from a supernatural creature that has unknown side effects...
9/4/19 4:41 AM
Willie Cici
Leo's agent arranges for a gig at a comic book convention . . .
8/31/19 5:19 PM
RotherhamMan 8/28/19 3:11 PM
sb jb mc
The Archer comes to rescue Web Wonder from the clutches of the Collector
8/27/19 11:09 AM
RotherhamMan 8/20/19 9:44 PM
Moose Milligan
The Boss turns his attention to two of the Legends of Tomorrow.
8/17/19 6:43 AM
Mandrill brings his new thrall, Wolverine back to his hideout for playtime. Only for Wolverine to reveal what he truly wants.
8/15/19 2:31 PM
Ethan White
Corey plays with his neighbor but takes things a bit too far.
8/12/19 11:43 PM
sb jb mc
The Collector continues to enjoy playing with his hero, while another hero is trying to help rescue Web Wonder.
8/11/19 12:59 PM
MarvelHypnoDude 8/11/19 12:52 PM
Mandrill finally gets access to one of the lesser known genuises in New York in the Mad Thinker. But will Mandrill kill him due to his condescending nature towards the phermone powered monkey and jeopardize his own plans?e
8/11/19 12:49 PM
sb jb mc
The Collector finally plays with Web Wonder
8/4/19 7:42 AM
absman420 8/3/19 12:19 PM
sb jb mc
The Collector unmasks Web Wonder on live television
7/31/19 5:10 AM
Is he the Savior, or the Bringer of Doom?
7/26/19 1:44 PM
sb jb mc
Chapter 5 of the Collector. The villain plays with his two new slaves.
7/26/19 9:54 AM
sb jb mc
Chapter 4 of the Collector. The villain collects more slaves while holding a hero hostage.
7/20/19 7:03 AM
sb jb mc 7/17/19 4:57 AM