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Project 09 + NCMC readers
I had kept my vow never to use my ability for self gain again ...
7/24/09 8:00 PM
Cadmus Dolor and A Rabid Zombie
A demon in training learns the ways of an Incubus and how to punish those who are on their way to hell.
11/12/15 12:38 AM
Cadmus Dolor and A Rabid Zombie
A demon in training learns the ways of an Incubus and how to punish those who are on their way to hell.
Category missing
11/13/15 6:26 AM
All about the eyes
Unsuspecting neighbour Gerry becomes hypno-target practice
12/4/18 5:25 AM
We’re back for a second drone concert with all new songs. Camden brings a friend along.
6/12/19 8:05 PM
The high school football team turns into a gay fuck fest around the unsuspecting Mason. Can he solve the mystery of the teen muscle sex zombies and stay unaffected?
3/19/19 10:01 PM
What the hell do you think you're doing, officer?
8/26/05 8:00 PM
absman420 4/26/19 10:47 PM
Becoming... really BECOMING a Littleman’s Man
5/11/19 12:04 PM
absman420 4/23/14 6:11 PM
Straight-actor 1/8/16 9:54 AM
Sonya Esperanto. Adapted by: Sixmote
A young man turns his father into a remote controlled robot-zombie. But a neighbor will do anything to get the remote that controls him. Gender-swap version of Sonya Esperanto's MCstories story.
12/18/15 1:43 PM
Never accept a cigarette from a stranger
1/13/10 7:00 PM
Jake starts biking to work in a new city, but he doesn't yet know the rules...
6/28/12 8:00 PM
Dan's assigned to help a new patient at the psych ward, only this one seems completely sane.
12/28/12 7:00 PM
Daniel’s luck knows no bounds as he’s given free rent at the newest posh Manhattan apartment building. By the time he learns what’s expected of him in return, he’s only too happy to oblige.
1/3/16 4:07 AM
Health Educator Mr. Sanders demonstrates the dangers of teenage pregnancy to his all-male class.
4/12/11 8:00 PM
Edgar, a wealthy older man, moves in next to the lawyer Peter and his college-aged roommate Jordan.
9/26/11 8:00 PM
I don't usually use my powers to mess with people, but I make an exception for arrogant TSA agents.
11/22/12 7:00 PM
Joey makes the bodybuilding team, only to find out Coach might have some unexpected goals for him.
3/2/11 7:00 PM
Jack finds a young man in his office one day who shows him what he’s been missing out on all along
4/19/10 8:00 PM
Dan knows it's unprofessional but can't help telling Jason the events of the past few days.
1/7/13 7:00 PM
Sometimes even a straight cop can't resist a really, really enormous cock.
11/1/11 8:00 PM
Dan heads back for his second day working with Jason, this time with some trepidation.
12/29/12 7:00 PM
Jake works as a massage therapist out of the home he shares with his wife. One day he gets a client who wants deep work done on his ass, and Jake gets in over his head.
4/23/17 1:40 AM
When Mr. Porter and his family get a free vacation to an island resort, he thinks he will have to listen to a sales pitch for a condo. He gets pitched something else entirely.
1/2/16 6:03 PM
Dylan invents a machine to take down the local jock.
8/25/11 8:00 PM
timid worker Joe and his boss Richard stumble upon a mysterious club, where they are forever transformed
3/26/14 11:51 PM
AK Clarke
Matt accidentally stumbles across a website which he can't look away from. Cigars, bears, and the rest.
3/20/15 12:36 AM
Albatross and NCMC readers 8/28/11 8:00 PM