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It’s David’s first time having sex with a man…isn’t it?
4/21/20 9:51 AM
Greg signs up for a popular service that allows him to reconnect with a former student of his.
4/19/20 1:36 PM
sucking a stranger's cock in an adult bookstore
4/19/20 1:35 PM
Jake's convinced to start streaming himself playing video games online, at least until the baseball season starts up.
4/17/20 7:56 AM
Terrence, the long suffering victim of high school bullies, returns to his locker after a workout to find himself prey to their cruelest prank yet. His clothes stolen, a mocking note left along with a used, smelly jockstrap. To his surprise, as well as his bullies, he responds to this abuse more positively than expected.
4/17/20 7:56 AM
4/17/20 7:53 AM
Discovering that the hostel is haunted by a ghost opens the way to new experiences.
4/16/20 5:20 PM
Bradán is a simple Irish travelling performer, who decides to take action against those ignorant to him and his way of life.
4/16/20 5:41 AM
A series of short stories about men stuck on the road and what happens to them …
4/15/20 5:38 PM
4/15/20 3:21 PM
Daniels keeps showing off his body in the quarantine while our protagonist gets driven in to a corner...
4/15/20 1:55 PM
Peter is worried about his upcoming marriage. Will counseling help him ensure his relationship lasts?
4/15/20 8:58 AM
4/13/20 2:26 PM
4/12/20 9:34 AM
4/11/20 8:53 PM
On a journey of discovery, a college student falls for the magic of a Spanish hostel
4/11/20 3:52 PM
Bryan is in love with Jimmy, and takes that love to another level with the help of a new app.
4/11/20 3:51 PM
4/11/20 8:44 AM
President Nelly pushes Elder Harker as far as he'll go. Elder Havea unlocks some of his secret desires. Elder Smith gets a new groove.
4/10/20 4:07 PM
Mike went to college to try new things and make the most of his lacrosse scholarship to make sure he would escape the small mountain town his folks called home. Little did he know that learning something new would change him unexpected ways.
4/10/20 6:42 AM
Some life changes for two people
4/9/20 4:58 AM
Captain Mike Conner is abducted by a former nemesis
4/8/20 1:51 PM
I cannot help myself from molesting my sleeping straight roommate, but it doesn't go quite as planned...
4/8/20 11:58 AM
A new group of BUDS grads is about to learn what it means to become a Navy SEAL.
4/8/20 4:51 AM
4/7/20 11:07 AM
A new group of BUDS grads is about to learn what it means to become a Navy SEAL.
4/7/20 11:06 AM
Jason invites Ken to a frat party to pay him back for helping Jason pass a class. It's Ken's first time and he's a bit nervous. But after a bit of a pep talk, Ken's realizes he can have a good time.
4/7/20 10:37 AM
4/6/20 7:27 PM
An unsuspecting archeologist discovers there is more to an island than what's buried underneath
4/5/20 6:45 PM
4/5/20 7:33 AM