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3/3/11 7:00 PM
Joey makes the bodybuilding team, only to find out Coach might have some unexpected goals for him.
3/2/11 7:00 PM
The Manbreaker and Flicker set out to enslave their next victim from Man-Force, the virginal Zephyr.
2/28/11 7:00 PM
2/25/11 7:00 PM
Warren is still straight, but that doesn't mean Hank can't convince him to experiment a little.
2/20/11 7:00 PM
A supervillain plans to enslave a team of college student superheroes.
2/18/11 7:00 PM
2/16/11 7:00 PM
Warren doesn't like that his best friend is gay, but that might change once he meets the other man.
2/12/11 7:00 PM
12/25/10 7:00 PM
Blaine "Blade" O'Dunn gits mind control powers!
12/24/10 7:00 PM
12/24/10 7:00 PM
Brad takes Victor and John to a hardcore gay club
12/21/10 7:00 PM
12/20/10 7:00 PM
12/19/10 7:00 PM
Daniel gets his hands on John before Brad does.
12/18/10 7:00 PM
12/16/10 7:00 PM
12/16/10 7:00 PM
12/16/10 7:00 PM
A Greedy Homophobic CEO is taught to accept a new way of life...
12/15/10 7:00 PM
Jack continues to debase himself for the pleasure of other men
12/14/10 7:00 PM
John's gay desires distract him on his mission in the virtual world.
12/6/10 7:00 PM
John try to fight his gay desires in the virtual world
12/5/10 7:00 PM
John and Daniel get into the new 'improved version' of the game.
12/4/10 7:00 PM
Brad takes control over the game while John has his first gay thoughts in the real world.
12/3/10 7:00 PM
Brad's first gay instinctst in the real world.
12/2/10 7:00 PM
Daniel gets positively surprised by Brad's free will.
12/1/10 7:00 PM
John tries to prove to Layla that his not gay but everything seems to conspire against him.
11/30/10 7:00 PM
As Brad keeps working on improving his gay skills, John learns to appreciate a hot hunky man.
11/29/10 7:00 PM
Brad tries some gay sex in the real world but only for research purposes.
11/28/10 7:00 PM
Brad's transformation is almost complete, he only needs a little bit more work in the real world.
11/27/10 7:00 PM