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Stroppy Author 7/26/18 3:41 AM
Happy Endings
A young man enters a store to escape a storm and gets sorted out
7/7/18 5:12 PM
Zeke 6/23/18 3:15 AM
A gay wrestling porn site hosts a live stream featuring two straight guys. Little do they know that the wrestling isn't the porn.
6/11/18 10:02 AM
Stroppy Author 6/4/18 1:14 AM
Stroppy Author
a young lad discovers mind control powers
5/28/18 7:21 PM
Tom Gungy
Ady has always been a huge nerd with a huge incontinence problem, but he didn't know his peculiarly deficient biology had a few other secrets that would allow the nerd to take revenge.
5/17/18 7:04 AM
Happy Endings 12/27/17 6:01 PM
Happy Endings
Kevin realizes what's happening and tries his best to avoid making another mistake.
12/20/17 7:51 PM
On the trail of mysterious happenings, our hero encounters a mind-controlling villain!
11/24/17 7:36 PM
JoJoJo 11/3/17 5:16 AM
During their workout, Brad is dismayed that he doesn't have abs like Martin and Joseph. Coach Greene over hears this and decides to assist Brad, with some help from Martin and Joseph.
10/29/17 11:07 PM
Here I was standing alone in the men's locker room on campus, looking at myself in the mirror, naked. Well, I guess I won't ever be "naked" again for a while. See I am naked, except for the new Holy Trainer that is locked on my cock. And I had no way of getting out.
10/27/17 6:04 AM
xesulliv 10/14/17 8:26 PM
This is the story of how I bought my best friend and made him into the perfect boyfriend. In Part Three, Mitchell is still resisting The Offer, so the Voice sweetens the deal.
10/12/17 11:20 PM
Long time lurker, first time poster. This is the story of how I bought my best friend and made him into the perfect boyfriend. The hypnosis and voyeurism starts in this chapter.
10/11/17 3:42 PM
Long time lurker, first time poster. This is the story of how I bought my best friend and made him into the perfect boyfriend.
10/10/17 2:56 PM
The team has their last practice before their first conference game. After practice, the special jocks decided to have a quick workout. After the workout, Vince, Andy and Cal decided to have some fun.
9/30/17 1:14 AM
Poor, frustrated James finds a way to satisfy his needs, but ends up in over his head.
9/8/17 9:36 PM
While we know that transpired upstairs at Coach Greene's party, where is what happened downstairs.
8/25/17 10:47 PM
Neil continues his conquest of jock slaves...this time the college Cycling and Track Teams
7/29/17 2:10 AM
After Brad's gear fitting, Brad's changes continue as he gets a new wardrobe and starts hanging with the team. Meanwhile, Coach Greene starts Caleb on his transformation.
7/7/17 10:17 PM
The day has finally come for Bradley to be fitted for his football gear. Coach Greene usually does this one-on-one, but Bradley's fitting will have a special guest who Coach Greene found snooping in his office.
7/4/17 3:49 AM
Bradley's week of workouts with Vince passes by in a blur. Bradley spends Saturday with Vince and they help themselves to each other's special protein. After Bradley returns home, Caleb confronts Bradley about his transformation
7/1/17 1:05 AM
Coach Greene noticed that Bradley has taken to the suggestions like a duck to water. Impressed with how pliable Bradley is, Coach decided to take Bradley's transformation to the next step.
6/29/17 2:08 PM
In the two and half months since he started working out, Bradley has put on muscle, but finds himself to be hornier as well. After helping his parents with the yard work, Bradley listens to the next relaxation file which takes him further down the path of his transformation.
6/27/17 3:29 PM
Bradley has been working out with Coach Greene for one month and Coach Greene decides to give Bradley the hypnosis files that he uses on his chosen jocks. After being told to take a week off, Bradley decides to spend a day with Vince.
6/24/17 1:11 AM
Bradley Jones needs a scholarship to continue studying as his university. The only scholarships left are athletic scholarship, but Bradley has never played a sport in his life. Undeterred, Bradley asks the university's football coach for help.
6/9/17 3:51 AM
Rugby player Derek thought that he could simply jump ship without any problem. Oh how wrong he was...
6/2/17 7:49 AM
A man notices his friend is changing, but luckily nothing about him is changing
5/18/17 7:46 AM