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Albatross and NCMC readers
Jack's customers like the people they curse to be big and hairy
4/24/08 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers 6/12/12 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Jack works for Curses Incorporated and most days he spends cursing guys who deserve it
11/12/12 7:00 PM
JockBoy 11/4/18 9:17 AM
You all know what happens when playing with viruses. This one just happens to deal with 2 mens journey in the lab in the days before disaster (of sorts anyway)
5/12/18 11:10 AM
How far would you go with the gene to solve all problems? What would you do to protect it ?
3/23/13 8:00 PM
Callum enters an elevator to go down, he's not quite the same when he leaves
12/12/18 12:35 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
An anthology of short stories in 50 words or less
2/26/12 7:00 PM
A young warlock enacts a very satisfying kind of revenge on his ex-boyfriend and cheating partner.
12/27/16 7:33 PM
NCMC Readers
A man who transforms other men into muscle studs loses control over his power and over himself.
12/6/08 7:00 PM
In a departure from last week's change, Greg turns John into a twink. The experience has unforeseen consequences, though, both for Greg and for the orb.
12/7/14 6:56 AM
Kevin decides to interfere with Greg and John's lives to gain control over John. The two are helpless as they find themselves changing.
5/17/15 5:32 PM
A guy makes an ill-fated wish that's overheard by a trickster
4/28/18 11:44 PM
Cris Kane
Coping with the mind-altering effects of the magic rings, Quinn auditions for the soap while Damon searches for a look that fits his new mindset.
7/16/14 1:05 AM
Cris Kane
Quinn and Damon go exploring separately, and Quinn's first day on the soap goes miserably.
7/17/14 11:20 PM
Kyle was sick of Adam not helping out around the apartment. A little mind control oughta fix things...
11/11/14 2:19 PM
Paul wants to make his stud muscle-slave fantasy become real...
7/18/08 8:00 PM
absman420 9/13/08 8:00 PM
Tommy discovers the antidote to STUDD isn't all it's cracked up to be.
10/4/08 8:00 PM
absman420 11/8/08 7:00 PM
Willie Cici
College professor tries to prove his theory on his research assistant . . .
5/25/17 8:17 PM
What's the old bodybuilder's secret for staying so young?
7/14/14 12:28 PM
Granite Concept
Shane and Mitchell are roommates, but they never get along. Sometimes Shane wishes his roommate could be different, and one night he casts a spell asking for just that. Little do the two men know, black magic has some dire consequences...
10/3/18 6:33 AM
Orion10293 8/25/11 8:00 PM
Davis continues his revenge against the bullies, and calls in a friend to help.
9/1/11 8:00 PM
Davis continues punishing Ethan and Jack, and convinces a friend to help.
9/1/11 8:00 PM
Tom Gungy
Ady has always been a huge nerd with a huge incontinence problem, but he didn't know his peculiarly deficient biology had a few other secrets that would allow the nerd to take revenge.
5/17/18 7:04 AM
Still at the farm Tanner finds himself falling further under J's sway.
5/22/18 6:14 AM
A friend comes to check in on Tanner, unaware of his friend's changes.
6/12/18 3:17 AM
Cris Kane
Geeky freshman Ryan is given a camera with special selfie-editing options that Instagram hasn't thought of yet.
9/7/14 8:32 PM