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Aardvark / Cris Kane
The Alpha Alpha Alpha fraternity recruits a prospective pledge who will need a few adjustments to fit in.
8/19/14 9:08 PM
Winning might not be so lucky...
1/29/17 4:55 AM
Sure, he ruined your porn career when you had ED, but maybe this unexpected gift from him makes up for it...
2/12/18 4:13 PM
absman420 7/27/14 11:15 AM
Tommy discovers the antidote to STUDD isn't all it's cracked up to be.
10/4/08 8:00 PM
A visit to Doc Cratus' clinic shows 5 old men the fountain of youth
7/27/14 11:08 AM
a visit to Doc Cratus' clinic gives five old men the fountain of youth
7/27/14 11:14 AM
Superion vs. King Rex in a battle of dominance
2/28/19 12:09 PM
Night Owl might have the will to resist Rex, but Rex has a will of his own...
3/1/19 2:29 PM
Tying up some loose ends -- and creating a web
3/5/19 2:37 PM
The Budd Brothers fly to SF for a Littleman's Seminar
3/16/19 1:00 PM
absman420 4/20/19 11:31 AM
absman420 11/8/08 7:00 PM
While visiting San Francisco, Tim gets turned into a Porn Star
8/16/09 8:00 PM
A visit to Doc Cratus' clinic take 5 old men to the fountain of youth
7/27/14 11:11 AM
absman420 4/19/10 8:00 PM
absman420 3/2/19 3:56 PM
absman420 10/3/12 8:00 PM
What's the old bodybuilder's secret for staying so young?
7/14/14 12:28 PM
A strange plant is found which has unexpected effects on men: The series
10/2/06 8:00 PM
What the hell do you think you're doing, officer?
8/26/05 8:00 PM
absman420 9/13/08 8:00 PM
Mikey's first day filming on a Saul Bennett Production grows out of control... everything grows out of control.
9/3/18 5:11 PM
Train hard enough and you might become a real Marine...
2/17/07 7:00 PM
Maybe there's such a thing as too much hormone therapy...
2/5/18 9:23 PM
absman420 3/9/19 7:02 AM
absman420 5/3/19 10:08 PM
Paul wants to make his stud muscle-slave fantasy become real...
7/18/08 8:00 PM
absman420 8/15/05 8:00 PM
absman420 4/26/19 10:47 PM