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Hawk learns about his powers. And has homework.
4/9/20 5:01 AM
4/9/20 4:59 AM
Captain Mike Conner is abducted by a former nemesis
4/8/20 1:51 PM
4/7/20 11:07 AM
Still in possession of the body of the Pharaoh’s young Prince Radames, the Snake God tries to break the last of his host’s free will and complete his takeover.
4/7/20 6:07 AM
4/6/20 7:27 PM
An unsuspecting archeologist discovers there is more to an island than what's buried underneath
4/5/20 6:45 PM
4/5/20 7:33 AM
Hawk's uniform covers him, inside and out
4/5/20 7:27 AM
Anton signs up for a five-year contract to surrender his body, but things don't go as planned.
4/4/20 10:02 PM
The Cult of the Clutch embarks beyond the jungle and into the outside world, bent on spreading the word of Anha'ch to everyone and everything.
4/4/20 12:28 PM
4/4/20 9:24 AM
[Rewritten Version Of The Story "Master's New Pet"] A new year rolls around at Charter's College in California, and life couldn't be more boring for a Junior like Adrien. That is until a new, powerful student threatens to upset his routine, and take control of every part of his life. Including his mind.
4/4/20 9:23 AM
Kyle's room mate Code suddenly becomes very controlling.
4/3/20 4:20 PM
Pine has to wake up after his overload at the last challenge.
4/3/20 5:24 AM
4/2/20 5:32 AM
Brad joins the others in the gym. And progresses.
3/30/20 9:26 PM
Donovan awaits a long-awaited public announcement, while his friend Dingo remains on the fence
3/30/20 2:25 PM
Mark, Jeremy, SE9168 and BT5365 embrace their new lives as rubber drones, and experience several changes.
3/30/20 5:31 AM
A guy gained a mind control power... you know the rest so why bother summarizing? (Asians Oriented)
3/29/20 1:24 PM
Brad is recruited. His longing for hypnosis, rubber, spandex, and muscle is just a coincidence. Right?
3/29/20 10:48 AM
Joey was going down a road he had never experienced . . .
3/29/20 10:40 AM
Pine has to face his last pledge challenge. Time to pop some balloons!
3/29/20 10:36 AM
3/29/20 8:15 AM
Hector attempts to provide his slave with some new pleasures.
3/29/20 8:14 AM
3/28/20 5:48 PM
An exceptional young man seems to be publishing a story series online about an ancient Pharaoh's resurrection and his Army. But fantasy soon gives way to a surprising reality and deep-rooted desires may be fulfilled.
3/26/20 9:48 PM
A facility where athletes go to train, a mysterious background, the results speak for themselves. But are the athletes that return the same as those that were sent off?
3/26/20 5:42 PM
3/24/20 10:41 PM
Having earned his journeyman status, a sorcerer fights his boredom by traveling about . . .
3/24/20 7:46 PM