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buff cj 3/24/07 8:00 PM
Unbreakable captain turned into fucktoy by Shadow
3/22/07 8:00 PM
Ed the Ted
What Ed does to a male dog after therapy changes him forever
3/21/07 8:00 PM
Mark Gordon 3/20/07 8:00 PM
Johnny Manipulator
Final part of the saga: Peter cluelessly seduced!
3/18/07 8:00 PM
Dr. Kattt
Electro-shock and programming turn straight football stud into gay bottom
3/17/07 8:00 PM
Steven buys a copy of Penthouse Letters and finds his outlook changed
3/14/07 8:00 PM
Good Boy and NCMC readers
Randy's stepdad finds a genie that grants his wishes.
3/13/07 8:00 PM
Cop Controller and Chester
A man has two friends, one is a handsome cop, the other is fiendish hypnotist.
3/10/07 7:00 PM
Erotichypnotic 3/1/07 7:00 PM
One Ring
Colonel enslaves young coach, ah, but he really wants that young body--bodyswap
2/27/07 7:00 PM
One Ring and NCMC readers
Photobooths are really hypno traps for creating slave boys...
2/27/07 7:00 PM
Russain Gymnast..same roma curse continued
2/24/07 7:00 PM
cicero 2/22/07 7:00 PM
Jonathan Longhorn 2/21/07 7:00 PM
A hot Russian gymnast finds its not good to upset the Roma
2/20/07 7:00 PM
screamingmoist 2/19/07 7:00 PM
Slinky Sandy and NCMC readers
A straight jogger inexplicably follows a man home.
2/18/07 7:00 PM
One Ring 2/16/07 7:00 PM
One Ring
What a world! Your father sells you to your chief rival at your graduation par
2/16/07 7:00 PM
Jonathan Longhorn 2/10/07 7:00 PM
Jonathan Longhorn
Glenn gives his blonde baseball player buddy an intensive pep talk.
2/5/07 7:00 PM
Jonathan Longhorn
Next chapter of the classic MC tale of taking control of a hot guy.
2/3/07 7:00 PM
Mark Gordon
Jason's jock arrogance is taken away to help cure him of his out of control way
1/31/07 7:00 PM
One Ring
A wiki for you: Photobooths are really hypno traps for creating slave boys...
1/29/07 7:00 PM
Never cross the Master of the Body Swap....
1/27/07 7:00 PM
Sorry it's not Formula 409, But hope you enjoy this short bodyswap story
1/27/07 7:00 PM
Mark Gordon 1/26/07 7:00 PM
Mark Gordon
Mark attends a rather unusal seminar that definately produces Marturity
1/26/07 7:00 PM
One Ring
A trip to Montclair when the owner has a living statue garden..
1/20/07 7:00 PM