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When the boys all gather together for a cursed game everything goes wrong.
11/4/18 9:17 AM
Cory gets a message from his friends who have decided on a different career future for them and him
12/15/18 1:23 PM
Josh buys a new sports drink to give him and scott a boost at the gym
12/12/18 12:38 PM
Cody slowly gets transformed into a real jock - hairy, muscular, horny, and just plain dumb - courtesy of his roommate Devon.
8/23/16 2:04 AM
Cody finds himself beginning to act the part. Unbeknownst to him, he's on the cusp of undergoing some major changes.
8/23/16 12:57 PM
Cody finds himself surprisingly horny, and ends up skipping obligations to meet up with Devon to work out. And, of course, he ends up acting even more like a bro.
8/25/16 2:42 PM
Cody tags along to Devon's football practice, and soon finds himself joining in. Things get a little heated in the locker room.
8/27/16 2:11 PM
imperatenor 8/29/16 2:03 PM
Jason is on his way back to his frat, but makes discovery on his way back that changes everything.
8/4/19 2:46 PM
Matt is a bored, gay, office worker unsatisfied with life, however he gets a message that changes his life
12/17/18 8:00 PM
Willie Cici
Alejandro finds himself in weird waters. Who is the man in the mirror?
3/15/18 4:22 PM
Rozza22365 12/11/18 6:46 AM
Just a standard evening between a group of friends, playing some video games, bantering around, checking out a website that turns their pictures into those of bearded, hirsute men in fetish gear... wait what?
12/9/17 1:14 AM
The Frat continues to add new members
6/27/19 10:11 PM
All Jeremy wishes for is to get to his hotel room and rest. However he soon finds out the room isn't as vacant as he hoped.
9/26/17 1:36 AM
Trylithin 5/30/15 12:13 PM
AGameOfCocks 12/21/12 7:00 PM
Arachnus The Spider
A pair of men find themselves prisoners of strange creatures that force them into a sexual relationship
3/17/19 8:46 AM
Arachnus The Spider 3/23/19 6:57 AM
Arachnus The Spider 3/27/19 10:06 PM
Arachnus The Spider
A low-key interlude before the alterations resume
4/3/19 6:12 AM
Tkhon 4/16/18 7:12 AM
Papa Werebear 4/4/17 4:05 AM
In the locker room showers, a new vessel for Coach's will is born
12/4/18 5:29 AM
Anthony Wake and Cameron Probst, investigative journalists, will soon find just what Bulges is. Will the world find out as well?
4/2/18 8:15 PM
A doctor who specializes in male health takes Jeff to a new level of mascularity
1/17/19 2:21 PM
Jeff joins the Übermensch Society and starts his training.
7/3/19 11:29 AM
transformheaven 11/3/18 10:04 PM
Papa Werebear & Ursus Major
A young man is compelled to pick pocket a biker's wallet and the biker and his buddies pursue him, he will find out what made him do it in due time.
9/28/18 12:40 PM
here4hairymen 2/2/19 9:10 PM