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Brothers Dave and Jack enjoy a Summer's beach day with a group of friends when a strange man named Captain introduces himself.
5/12/17 2:47 PM
Terinas Tiger 10/29/16 11:41 PM
The Yetti
A High School student figures out how to fulfill some fantasies he didn't even know he had.
9/6/14 2:44 PM
The instructors start telling people about the Guard and what it takes to be a Guardsman
Category missing
9/3/16 1:28 PM
I came out to my dad and he didn't take it too well...does he even love me anymore?
12/15/16 3:22 PM
I want to increase my relationship with my bully. But first I need to increase my relationship with his father.
4/30/17 3:39 AM
Mike laughs at the faggot’s attempt at turning him gay. He’ll show him what a real man is like
12/17/17 1:01 AM
brothers, cousins, curses and hot sex... part of a true story...
12/27/09 7:00 PM
Jack and Bill are looking forward to their friend Walter's Easter party.
3/31/18 5:02 AM
A man tries out some VR experiences and discovers what he really likes
3/19/17 7:59 AM
A man works for a strange escort service but they keep sending him to the wrong place
3/31/17 8:42 AM
When the Deacon International Holdings refused his takeover bid, the Dark Falcon gets his way...and takes over the owner as well.
10/29/17 9:43 PM
A father and his sons are mind controlled by their new tenant
9/17/05 8:00 PM
Neil is having more fun with the Stantons and their guests during the Super Bowl game night
9/22/13 8:00 PM
Omar and Zaid continue to discover their new lives under the spell of Neil's mind control
2/27/16 1:04 AM
Neil, a medical student, rents a room at the Stantons house and decides to have some fun with Bob Stanton and his three sons with the help of his new drug.
9/24/15 10:55 PM
Neil watches on as his own version of the Super Bowl night is playing in the Stantons' living room
1/4/14 7:00 PM
Neil makes some more adjustments to the rules around the house, and helps the Stantons get closer with one another
9/25/15 3:54 AM
A father and son feel compelled to visit a gay sauna each night.
9/17/05 8:00 PM
Neil needs to take care of the bratty neighbour that got too nosy
10/31/15 6:18 AM
tomozco 12/28/16 11:01 PM
TrevorTist 11/3/16 3:32 AM
A jock dorm acquires some voluntary sex slaves to be trained for use during "dry" periods
7/11/17 6:38 PM
Josh decided to invite everyone over for some fun, including his step-brother
5/26/18 10:03 AM
Josh thought of an interesting way to use the app.
3/25/18 12:00 PM
Ryan had a sweet time with his father, and his father's father.
6/24/18 5:10 AM
Josh reunites with his old high school teacher, and crush!
5/6/18 11:27 AM
Josh meets a mysterious figure at the edge of his bed.
5/20/18 10:44 AM
Ryan reunites himself with his first crush and his first crush's son.
6/16/18 1:50 PM
Mike wants to shoot Raman down, but his aim his too wide
4/17/10 8:00 PM