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A teenager makes a shocking discovery at his rich uncles manor.
4/10/08 8:00 PM
Potentialsinner 6/5/17 4:31 PM
Potentialsinner 7/22/17 6:38 AM
A stressed CEO gets a deeply relaxing haircut
1/22/17 8:14 PM
The tired CEO gets more conditioning and introduces others to the special treatments of 'the men's room'
2/2/17 5:53 PM
The architect started a new job and got an haircut on his journey to become a real man.
4/17/17 6:05 AM
Something's odd about Gold City, California. It's filled to the brim with beautiful men for no discernible reason, and when something strange happens, no one seems to take notice. And if you know where to look, you can get everything you've always wanted.
5/27/17 1:56 AM
A father discovers a mysterious stone that manipulates him into doing some very crazy things...
11/26/10 7:00 PM
The wrestling team holds a Dad/son weekend and it's the beginning of a whole new world.
11/3/18 8:46 AM
Geeky brother hypnotizes his older jock brother
8/14/11 8:00 PM
Geeky brother hypnotizes his older jock brother
8/21/11 8:00 PM
ReMinder 1/31/18 8:16 PM
Timmy's dads meet with Peter to discuss their concerns about Timmy being hypnotized
7/5/15 5:17 PM
Lucas helps his best friend Timmy move into his new place
7/9/16 10:14 PM
Hunter's life is a living hell...until the person he despises the most comes back into it
3/2/18 7:26 AM
Peter invites Lucas to spend the night, and suggests that Nick should pop in and say hi too.
11/12/16 5:57 AM
Mitch introduces his little brother to Peter and they really hit it off
7/10/16 10:07 PM
Cameron has a couple of personal problems, and is referred to Peter for help.
4/15/17 5:52 AM
A father helps his son and his son's new boyfriend celebrate prom night.
1/17/18 8:11 AM
Incest? What incest? Nothing like that happening here!
6/29/18 6:32 AM
In the future, all males are tested to see whether they can reproduce to have children.
3/29/14 12:37 AM
A private detective is on the case of a missing son.
12/18/18 5:28 AM
The purpose of the Aligned are revealed as Shawn undergoes an unexpected programming.
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1/1/14 7:00 PM
Pat gets an all new personality - to serve as a very special personal sex slave. And it's Glen who is responsible for this.
1/6/19 10:00 PM
When a mysterious force alters the population, only one thing is certain -- if you see it, you turn into a perverted, gay freak. (Bird Box parody)
12/31/18 1:45 PM
Spanish Wiki
Una mujer despechada maldice a la familia de su amante.
Category missing
5/22/10 8:00 PM
The finale...
9/7/17 4:54 PM
Brothers Dave and Jack enjoy a Summer's beach day with a group of friends when a strange man named Captain introduces himself.
5/12/17 2:47 PM
Terinas Tiger 10/29/16 11:41 PM
The Yetti
A High School student figures out how to fulfill some fantasies he didn't even know he had.
9/6/14 2:44 PM