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An attack from an unknown assailant leaves me understanding a little more.
3/16/14 1:04 AM
A man and his son are visited by the father's younger, more domineering brother. His nephew learns a thing or two about his father's past when his uncle divulges how he used to treat him.
4/12/17 7:18 AM
Donny decides to play a little prank on his brother William and Ben catches on exploiting his father's weaknesses to assert his own dominance on him.
4/19/17 12:51 PM
The slow corruption of your step brother
10/6/18 3:43 PM
I encounter a couple of hunter and made me want some sweet daddy's ass,
12/12/16 6:37 PM
Matt can control men's lust just by touching their skin. He turns up the heat at a bachelor party.
1/20/14 7:00 PM
Issac wants to teach Trevor a lesson and put and end to the bullying
12/21/18 6:09 AM
ghostwriterde 10/14/18 8:55 PM
Sunfire God 7/2/05 8:00 PM
M. Greene
More intrigue and a death in Venice
8/25/17 12:47 PM
M. Greene
Selim and Jamal meet Elizabeth Tudor
8/30/17 6:28 PM
M. Greene 8/26/17 8:15 AM
M. Greene 8/31/17 6:54 AM
M. Greene
Assassination and intrigue in Venice!
8/24/17 10:03 AM
M. Greene
A strange, magical stone changes the lives of a group in Renaissance Europe
8/27/17 9:49 AM
M. Greene
A strange mystical stone changes lives in Renaissance Europe
8/28/17 4:07 PM
M. Greene 8/23/17 1:06 PM
With others' help, Barry realized that he lived a double life.
4/17/19 5:53 AM
Aquaman's territory shrinks significantly during his holiday.
1/6/19 9:59 PM
Otaru grower
Seth continues to break his father and principal while growing up big and strong.
4/6/11 8:00 PM
the guardsman 11/25/14 6:28 AM
Tom Gungy
A well-to-do father and son are brought down a peg by the newcomer to their little town.
6/15/18 2:54 PM
Tom Gungy
Two brothers have had a rocky relationship since the elder of the two had graduated. Little does the younger brother know that there may be an outside influence responsible.
5/16/18 12:08 PM
Pete spends a couple of days with his parents and then gets a new job working for Byron.
4/2/15 12:40 AM
Byron gets a phone call from his boss and Pete goes for a night out with his dad.
3/19/15 1:10 AM
gymmuscle 2/14/15 1:33 AM
Jenner must bond Jack to him and the Professor translates the Tablets.
4/14/15 9:28 PM
Pete goes on a date with Greg and the Professor finnaly finds the Temple of the Gods.
4/27/15 12:44 AM
Haven Tesla
Cocky young actor returns to his former high school for a demonstration of "method acting" and winds up teaching far more than he bargained for.
5/12/14 12:46 PM
Hypno Hyde 1/29/14 7:00 PM