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Aaron celebrates his divorce by staying home and enjoying a leisurely day at the pool . . .
4/22/20 9:03 AM
1/29/14 7:00 PM
It's my wedding day but things aren't going precisely to plan
8/6/11 8:00 PM
I discuss the security arrangements for my wedding with a policeman
8/13/11 8:00 PM
Brother Harry gets me to the Abbey and takes me up up the aisle
9/2/11 8:00 PM
A man and his son are visited by the father's younger, more domineering brother. His nephew learns a thing or two about his father's past when his uncle divulges how he used to treat him.
4/12/17 7:18 AM
Ben was a good kid. He had good grades, well-behaved friends, etc. That all changed when his father came back to possess him.
8/11/19 11:04 AM
Who is David E, and Why Should He Give You a Boner?
6/17/17 8:24 AM
Previously posted at SlaveNow Yahoo Group, this recount's Billy's Birthday Surprise
12/22/09 7:00 PM
In the future, all males are tested to see whether they can reproduce to have children.
3/29/14 12:37 AM
Joey finds his big bro's sweaty jockstrap in the hamper and can't resist taking a little whiff
11/24/18 5:21 PM
The brothers-in-law discover that each one of them have fucked Joey under the influence of the potion. Will they fight each other for breeding rights or learn to get along?
12/27/19 7:24 PM
Aquaman's territory shrinks significantly during his holiday.
1/6/19 9:59 PM
Jason so wants a family that he takes over his best friend's, giving each member their proper role
8/16/09 8:00 PM
Brad comes home to find his father and brother gung-ho for their new gym and new video game....
6/21/14 11:22 PM
5/28/19 4:23 AM
I want to increase my relationship with my bully. But first I need to increase my relationship with his father.
4/30/17 3:39 AM
An inventor tests his new Compliance technology on the neighborhood
9/19/16 12:56 PM
7/27/14 11:15 AM
The development of men into Daddies and twinks may be more controlled than you might think.
12/1/19 5:31 PM
Vince waits for his college acceptance letter. Overnight, Dexter, another guy living down the street, gets his hands on something that allows him to warp reality. Vince, and everyone else, will never be the same.
12/30/15 4:02 PM
Part 1 of the new followup. Follow the day in the life of a new InfoTech slave in the new world. (You will see what our old characters are up to soon)
6/12/18 7:18 PM
Everybody discovers true love
4/12/11 8:00 PM
Josh realizes true happiness, Brent experiences true love and Cindy gets truly furious
4/4/11 8:00 PM
Brent jerkes off, Josh seduces a married man and Cindy uncovers a lie
3/23/11 8:00 PM
Brent finds a new friend, Josh has to deal with his past and Cindy Miller talks with Edward's girl
3/18/11 8:00 PM
Spanish story. Dani starts to notice Sebastian is acting odd, what is happening to his horny Stripper? / 6 months later, Dani finally can understand the truth about Will & Sebastian.
5/19/20 5:36 PM
Geeky brother hypnotizes his older jock brother
8/14/11 8:00 PM
Geeky brother hypnotizes his older jock brother
8/21/11 8:00 PM
Bill wakes up to find his wish did not go as planned at all, while still stuck as a teenager
10/20/18 9:38 PM