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Dare Harvest
Mick gets cursed while handing out Bibles.
4/27/05 8:00 PM
Eric needs money and so turns to modelling.
8/16/05 8:00 PM
A Navy Seal is captured by the enemy while on a commando mission.
11/9/05 7:00 PM
bluejay1501 2/19/06 7:00 PM
Allan was part of a genetic experiment at college, now he grows when horny.
6/2/06 8:00 PM
Jace uses an ancient art to make straight guy Patrick a bit more....receptive.
1/20/07 7:00 PM
Steven buys a copy of Penthouse Letters and finds his outlook changed
3/14/07 8:00 PM
screamingmoist 6/13/09 8:00 PM
Perhaps they shouldn't have invited a Stage Hypnotist for their party !
10/11/09 8:00 PM
After an encounter in the dance club toilets, a man becomes a boi toy along with anyone around him.
4/2/11 8:00 PM
AgainstMyWill 4/12/11 8:00 PM
Damien settles his bet with Dr. Heart,. Everyone gets more than they bargained for
6/30/11 8:00 PM
William tries out a new doctor’s office to find they have an unconventional approach.
7/9/11 8:00 PM
Whitechap e1
Your taxi driver has won the lottery so you help him celebrate
7/30/11 8:00 PM
You Wish!
Dennis finds out that his Dad lost his job.
4/2/12 8:00 PM
Ethan's life is changed when he walks in on, and into his roommates magic.
4/27/12 8:00 PM
Travelling to the food court with the three malltarts, Jackie starts to fit in and learns to serve.
10/14/12 8:00 PM
Naive Jock Tyler falls deeper under the Control of the dominant Club owner.
11/16/12 7:00 PM
Hot Lava 1/1/13 7:00 PM
Baralai 1/31/13 7:00 PM
Hot Lava
Me and my boyfriend, then the back story
3/3/13 7:00 PM
Onix 3/19/13 8:00 PM
First day on the job for transformed power lawyer now a swishy receptionist at a fashion magazine.
4/30/13 8:00 PM
Hot Lava 6/8/13 8:00 PM
omegadestiny 7/17/13 8:00 PM
School bully needs to be taught a lesson
9/7/13 8:00 PM
When Cody encounters Djinn, his desire for getting even with his twin brother gets the better of him
10/13/13 8:00 PM
Adam is obsessed with pantyhose, even on a man.
4/7/14 5:29 AM
Cracked Kunt 4/30/14 5:28 PM
Xanderboy 5/22/14 3:16 PM