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Sneaking into abandoned funhouses is never a good idea.
7/6/16 2:24 AM
A bath might be all you need to become a whole new you.
6/28/16 2:42 PM
Brendan goes on a date and Fashaad plays magical 3rd wheel
6/28/16 5:39 AM
6/26/16 1:37 PM
Ty, a smart, uptight, gay neat-freak little by little becomes just like his dumb, hairy, disgusting bro of a roommate Brandon. How long can Ty fight the changes?
6/5/16 4:33 AM
Two delivery men find themselves turned into the objects being delivered.
5/24/16 12:51 AM
A writer documents his experience listening to a set of hypnosis files.
5/12/16 12:57 PM
Four immortal and magical beings hailing from different eras in time have a lot of fun toying with the mortal men of New York City.
1/28/16 5:04 AM
A young bodybuilder claims his body is bulking up without his control. A writer for a local gay paper investigates.
1/25/16 4:47 AM
Seth's boyfriend Dom gets a wishing rock. While Seth's at school, Dom uses the rock on Seth's homo-uncomfortable father.
12/26/15 5:05 PM
Joe takes Matt Brody back to the Club hoping they will be returned to normal. A new life however awaits them. Keywords: gaining, belly, age progression,hypnosis, bald, hairy, pipe, smoking.
7/28/15 10:55 AM
Mario downloads a new app to help with his bodybuilding contest prep. But not long after he starts to change...
6/27/15 7:26 PM
Joe meets the man of his dreams, but the Club's power is stronger than what he thought.
6/13/15 6:51 AM
Mark gets his football slaves home. Now the fun begins
6/6/15 4:58 PM
6/6/15 4:47 AM
A young man mistakes an advertisement he gets in the post, which leads to some major changes. Keywords are: transformation, straight to gay, aging, age progression, gaining, bald/balding
6/5/15 9:35 AM
Daryl continues to punish his unfortunate slave, ruining his muscular body.
5/26/15 2:37 PM
Aaron's life with his new boyfriend is perfect, until his ex finds a magic ring!
5/24/15 5:54 AM
8/22/14 10:29 PM
When Carl hires a contractor to work on his house, he didn't expect that most of the changes would happen to him.
8/13/14 6:38 PM
A young man is transformed into what he mocks. Contains age progression, balding and weight gain
8/10/14 7:06 AM
A gay couple in San Francisco for their shared birthday cope with the effects of Mr. Lee's magic.
7/22/14 4:50 AM
Searching for his missing friend, Mike encounters a dimwitted stud named Dave, and follows the clues to Mr. Lee's shop.
7/10/14 3:53 AM
A cop is undercover and staked out in the apartment complex trying to find out where all these missing men went.
6/19/14 5:14 PM
6/11/14 1:55 AM
3/31/14 8:57 PM
Dan is drawn into an Odorous end...
10/17/13 8:00 PM
A sexed-up version of the Three Little Bigs. WARNING: FURRY/CHUBBY
5/16/13 8:00 PM
Jared checks into a seedy airport motel, but the owner has no intention of letting him check out.
4/8/13 8:00 PM
1/20/13 7:00 PM