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Matt discovers that something strange is happening in the basketball team
4/14/06 8:00 PM
12/20/07 7:00 PM
Can Sean be cool in school? (continued story)
2/16/08 7:00 PM
2/26/08 7:00 PM
Ryan's brief encounter with the occult leaves him cursed. Or is it gifted?
2/29/08 7:00 PM
12/8/08 7:00 PM
1/2/09 7:00 PM
While at a football camp, the normally homophobic jocks don't know something is in the water.
5/12/09 8:00 PM
Pills that will change your life, guaranteed.
10/22/09 8:00 PM
A doctor offers a patient what he wants
11/13/09 7:00 PM
11/5/10 8:00 PM
ManStar and Major Victory close in on the Manbreaker, unaware that resistance is futile.
5/13/11 8:00 PM
Deep gets totally hypnotized and enslaved online by his creative master
12/17/11 7:00 PM
Bodybuilding contests of the distant future with men getting so big they knowingly accept their fate
3/3/12 7:00 PM
A straight jock gets tricked into the Milking of a lifetime.
4/9/12 8:00 PM
4/15/12 8:00 PM
A high school senior accidentally becomes enthralled by a transfer student
5/21/12 8:00 PM
7/28/12 8:00 PM
8/1/12 8:00 PM
A journalist's brain implant records his every thought; including the mental takeover of his friend.
10/18/12 8:00 PM
Tony Stark refuses to relax, Jarvis is programmed to take care of him whether he likes it or not.
12/31/12 7:00 PM
1/5/13 7:00 PM
1/19/13 7:00 PM
Dan finds a way to make Max feel smaller - make him smaller, much smaller
1/29/13 7:00 PM
Chapter 2 Customer Service - Our character deals with a dissatisfied client.
2/19/13 7:00 PM
Superman gets his head clear and tries to fight back - but Vincent Zeal is a cunning foe...
Category missing
4/7/13 8:00 PM
A reality shifter takes a trip across the country. First stop: gas station
8/6/13 8:00 PM
James meets a giant alien! Hilarity (and cumming) ensues!
9/13/13 8:00 PM
Andy sonics Ben's mouth with his pen, and things get more interesting.
11/1/13 8:00 PM
The dream of the demon haunts Alex. What's happening?
11/19/13 7:00 PM