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All about the eyes
Aidan and Neil visit Steve's house, only to become his next targets.
12/4/18 3:32 PM
absman420 9/24/12 8:00 PM
Straight-actor 1/8/16 9:54 AM
Ernesto takes his dad Augusto to a famous restaurant for a meal they'll never forget.
8/9/12 8:00 PM
AK Clarke
Matt accidentally stumbles across a website which he can't look away from. Cigars, bears, and the rest.
3/20/15 12:36 AM
Having been successfully adjusted, Sam will now assist in the adjustment of the friend who trusts him most.
3/7/18 6:55 AM
All hail Lord Latex, the master of our gay world
10/18/18 12:19 AM
Peircedskin and NCMC readers
A police officer gets an assignment that is gonna change his life forever!
8/19/06 8:00 PM
Twan Andersen
Yet another of many regular days on the new life a regular boy found himself experiencing. This time, we're introduced to what happens when his master isn't home, and our poor helpless boy is all alone, with no one to take care of him. Or is it?
6/5/18 6:20 PM
Twan Andersen
Just a one of many regular days on the new life a regular boy found himself experiencing, after a run-in with a man who was looking for the perfect boy to enslave under his hypnotic control for the rest of his life.
6/2/18 2:27 PM
Andy Spen 6/25/12 8:00 PM
Welcome to the Doctor's office! Leave a comment, follow the rules, and contribute to the story. Almost anything goes!
9/6/17 5:30 PM
When men's dicks start leaking pre constantly their minds start changing along with their sexual preferences.
7/24/18 6:09 AM
Anonymous 9/4/17 11:35 PM
Nathan is hypnotised and turned gay in the first part of Damien's plan.
4/6/14 5:50 PM
Ben wasn't expecting much when he decides to reply to a chat bot on a porn site. Certainly wasn't expecting to become a cockslut.
9/17/18 4:59 AM
Robin travels down the dark path
2/25/07 7:00 PM
Lou learns the truth about everything, and the newer members of The Communion welcome him warmly.
3/4/17 5:53 AM
Felix a YouTuber is reached out to by his biggest fan. Who happens to help felix think differently
4/24/18 1:42 AM
Ashan 7/6/06 8:00 PM
Stroppy Author 6/4/18 1:14 AM
Stroppy Author 6/6/18 2:51 PM
Stroppy Author 12/1/18 10:49 PM
Stroppy Author
A college baseball player gets recruited at a bar, but not for baseball
6/20/18 2:40 AM
Stroppy Author
A skinhead is too violent for his own crew so they change him
6/3/18 4:29 PM
Stroppy Author 1/20/19 7:11 PM
Jesse and his friend Chris are fooled into attending a week long party on a private Island, where a few surprises await them.
10/9/14 12:01 AM
Its day 3 and Jesse is still searching for Chris. Unfortunately, he is the one who is found...
10/26/14 9:02 PM
Chapter 2 of Jesse's island adventure. Chris is still missing, and the Island Virgin is on a few hypnotist's radar now.
10/24/14 6:40 AM
Joey B
Doug waked up earlier than expected, finding himself confused and (literally) fucked
10/11/12 8:00 PM