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Slave Abdamelek
The Pharaoh's expanding Army sets its collective power on breaking a strong-willed young man.
6/26/19 5:56 AM
Slave Abdamelek
The converted father and son are ordered by the Pharaoh to chase and convert the Student of Aseem Devdas before he is assimilated by the Snake God's army, but things take a fateful turn.
7/4/19 7:17 PM
Slave Abdamelek
Commander Abdamelek and Soldier Abanoub venture into the Snake God's domains with the cure to reverse their Brothers' transformation. But a deadly trap awaits one of them.
8/4/19 10:02 PM
All about the eyes
Aidan and Neil visit Steve's house, only to become his next targets.
12/4/18 3:32 PM
abracadabra923 3/29/19 10:57 AM
abracadabra923 4/1/19 5:40 PM
We’re back for a second drone concert with all new songs. Camden brings a friend along.
6/12/19 8:05 PM
abracadabra923 4/6/19 12:13 PM
abracadabra923 4/9/19 6:23 PM
abracadabra923 4/23/19 4:44 PM
abracadabra923 4/27/19 10:41 AM
abracadabra923 3/26/19 6:51 PM
abracadabra923 4/13/19 8:51 AM
abracadabra923 4/20/19 7:57 PM
abracadabra923 4/30/19 7:05 PM
The high school football team turns into a gay fuck fest around the unsuspecting Mason. Can he solve the mystery of the teen muscle sex zombies and stay unaffected?
3/19/19 10:01 PM
The drone band Mindvoiderz are in concert. Camden notices the audience acting strange. Then he hears lyrics that really speak to him...
5/4/19 6:18 PM
abracadabra923 3/20/19 5:54 PM
abracadabra923 3/23/19 10:29 AM
abracadabra923 3/24/19 9:25 PM
abracadabra923 4/17/19 9:26 PM
abracadabra923 4/3/19 5:26 PM
absman420 9/24/12 8:00 PM
Straight-actor 1/8/16 9:54 AM
Jonah is the test subject of a student's research in hypnosis. The campus won't be the same after this.
8/21/19 11:59 AM
Ernesto takes his dad Augusto to a famous restaurant for a meal they'll never forget.
8/9/12 8:00 PM
When Mr. Porter and his family get a free vacation to an island resort, he thinks he will have to listen to a sales pitch for a condo. He gets pitched something else entirely.
1/2/16 6:03 PM
Having been successfully adjusted, Sam will now assist in the adjustment of the friend who trusts him most.
3/7/18 6:55 AM
All hail Lord Latex, the master of our gay world
10/18/18 12:19 AM
Peircedskin and NCMC readers 8/19/06 8:00 PM