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Nicky Noxville
A sorcerer's apprentice runs into sexy demonic trouble.
10/19/10 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
A student asks to be his psychology professor’s research assistant.
3/13/10 7:00 PM
slyleather 7/1/09 8:00 PM
Ryan uses his mind-controlling ipod and hot gay porn to control Vinnie again, again, and again.
12/12/08 7:00 PM
The destruction of a Hot Shot US Marine by Scrawny Chinese Nerd
7/2/08 8:00 PM
Robin travels down the dark path
2/25/07 7:00 PM
Peircedskin and NCMC readers
A police officer gets an assignment that is gonna change his life forever!
8/19/06 8:00 PM
Men are kidnapped and manipulated into playing a game
Category missing
8/7/06 8:00 PM
Ashan 7/6/06 8:00 PM
Office Assistant continues to Control Straight Boss Men
8/29/05 8:00 PM
The Slaver 6/8/05 8:00 PM