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webb025 8/22/17 7:05 PM
Willie Cici
Leo likes to play with his daddy. Luckily, he has two 'papis' . . .
8/19/17 4:36 AM
A former hotshot executive in a Manhattan law firm recalls the tale of how he became just another office drone.
8/12/17 10:51 PM
Neil continues his conquest of jock slaves...this time the college Cycling and Track Teams
7/29/17 2:10 AM
Who will win this special election? The Democrats are ahead in the polls, but the Republicans can be pretty persuasive…
7/10/17 11:41 AM
Hypnothrill 6/17/17 5:05 AM
Jon talks his friend Alex into joining a free training session at a very special gym...
6/14/17 5:32 AM
Jon talks his friend Alex into joining a free training session at a very special gym...
6/12/17 11:43 AM
A man discovers an incredibly construction job opportunity, but ends up doing more than that
6/11/17 8:45 AM
Hypnothrill 5/31/17 4:26 AM
Something's odd about Gold City, California. It's filled to the brim with beautiful men for no discernible reason, and when something strange happens, no one seems to take notice. And if you know where to look, you can get everything you've always wanted.
5/27/17 1:56 AM
A high school senior finds his purpose in a Barber Shop
5/15/17 7:00 AM
Written from both points of view. Scott’s bullying regime is over when Chris decides he needs alternative jock training, the mind control sort…
5/12/17 5:23 PM
Robert M 5/10/17 3:25 AM
Willie Cici
Justin goes to his Uncle Steve's wedding, and meets his spouse, Wade . . .
5/8/17 4:00 AM
Tim is bothered by the renovations to his dorm....and the shirtless construction workers...and the strange music they're playing...
4/6/17 4:12 AM 3/18/17 4:14 PM
A mysterious company helps people in very desperate situations
3/8/17 9:56 AM
Lou learns the truth about everything, and the newer members of The Communion welcome him warmly.
3/4/17 5:53 AM
A man kidnapped off the street and subjected to bizarre scientific experiments... just another day in the paranormally kinky College Town of Vixen's Run
2/27/17 5:22 AM
Hypnothrill 2/10/17 4:56 AM
Willie Cici
Will and Grayson's friend needs a place to crash . . . and finds one
1/19/17 6:08 PM
Deck gives Bradford advice on how to remain in the program.
1/8/17 6:52 AM
Deck decides to infiltrate the inner workings of his squad.
1/6/17 8:54 PM
Terinas Tiger 1/6/17 5:40 PM
Terinas Tiger 1/6/17 4:20 PM
During the first night at the training center, Deck is witness to a startling incident.
1/5/17 12:55 PM
tomozco 12/28/16 11:01 PM
Willie Cici
The new tenants in 3H are coming along and ready to become part of the plan . . .
12/28/16 4:43 PM
Willie Cici
New tenants move into the apartment down the hall from Will and Grayson.
11/29/16 6:41 PM