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Brad comes home to find his father and brother gung-ho for their new gym and new video game....
6/21/14 11:22 PM
3889 words
4/23/14 6:11 PM
Ever wanted to be the person you read about ?
4/4/14 4:53 AM
10586 words
Gavin helps Rick find the perfect job as a construction worker, with a large twist
1/23/14 7:00 PM
8/4/13 8:00 PM
4459 words
Chester finally gets the balls to confront Chad, while the jock finally makes new friends.
5/25/13 8:00 PM
The now enslaved Darren pays a visit to his younger cocky brother, Danny.
4/25/13 8:00 PM
1928 words
4/13/13 8:00 PM
2/26/13 7:00 PM
1364 words
Doug waked up earlier than expected, finding himself confused and (literally) fucked
10/11/12 8:00 PM
9/5/12 8:00 PM
3019 words
8/30/12 8:00 PM
3023 words
Trent's idle fantasy causes Pete's day off to be more eventful.
8/14/12 8:00 PM
14641 words
6/12/12 8:00 PM
The plan is brought to fruition, but will it get Noah back together with Mike?
6/3/12 8:00 PM
6/1/12 8:00 PM
The sort continues as the two musclemen live their lives and seek fresh meat
5/29/12 8:00 PM
Guy goes to meet his girlfriend and is abducted with extreme conseqences
5/27/12 8:00 PM
Pete and Ian plan to overthrow the tyranny of Eddie, but will they succeed?
5/23/12 8:00 PM
German Story: Dennis wird plötzlich von einer verfluchten Bande aufgenommen
4/14/12 8:00 PM
Supernatural hunks will do anything to make Jake beg for cock.
4/5/12 8:00 PM
Pete does his competition and comes up against Ian who may just change his life...
4/3/12 8:00 PM
Peter does his competition and comes up against Ian who may just change his life
4/2/12 8:00 PM
3/28/12 8:00 PM
Mike has a change of heart and Eddie continues to mould Pete's mind...
3/26/12 8:00 PM
Peter gets involved with Big Eddie who promises to make him into a huge bodybuilder.
3/23/12 8:00 PM
2/19/12 7:00 PM
5708 words
MOO! (Well, that's how the first entry of the wiki began - then with the help of others came this)
8/30/11 8:00 PM
4114 words
Mitch gives his teacher, Mr. Anderson, the were-fag curse
7/6/11 8:00 PM
6366 words
6/29/11 8:00 PM