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5/20/18 11:29 PM
Andy recounts how he got turned into a dominant top by the mysterious Ad
12/26/14 6:55 PM
A doctor who specializes in male health takes Jeff to a new level of mascularity
1/17/19 2:21 PM
1647 words
Male students are compelled to perform in front of a camera for Jane.
8/5/19 10:28 PM
2307 words
Male students are compelled to perform in front of a camera for Jane.
8/5/19 10:29 PM
5018 words
A gay tech guy sent to fix a glitch in a new virtual-reality system comes face to face with his biggest celebrity crush.
3/19/15 12:19 AM
2398 words
A classic (I think) mc/hypnosis/brainwash story. Main character noticed that Chris(<-get mc-ed) looks aloof when he came back to the dorm.
8/16/16 11:57 AM
2334 words
Grayson's pursuits find himself in troubled waters . . .
6/10/19 4:21 PM
Marc adjusts to life as Blaidd, some history of the Wuulf
10/26/19 7:03 PM
1994 words
Wyatt is worried about his marriage. He and the wife seek professional help . . .
5/1/17 5:00 AM
Katie and Daniel take a road trip to Nebraska so Daniel can meet her family for the first time.
4/30/20 6:59 PM
Mom's boyfriiend moves in and takes control . . .
8/2/16 3:08 AM
2446 words
Two college buddies spend the summer on the Costa Del Sol, working at a resort . . .
9/8/19 7:36 PM
2340 words
You get kidnapped by jocks afterschool and must suffer their plans
12/16/18 7:10 AM
1545 words
Chris, Mark, Mario and Joey give an erotic performance for a distinguished woman
8/9/19 4:51 AM
1729 words
Two account executives test a new drug.
8/5/19 10:30 PM
2110 words
Ms. Dreyfuss dominates two new employees into gay sex
8/7/19 6:11 AM
2297 words
Hot policemen, in more ways than one, find a very special pool in the "Tests Inc." complex
8/7/19 6:13 AM
The Fall Musical is in need of another singer and Dylan thinks a Classical Voice major might be able to help
5/28/19 8:20 PM