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Wesley Bracken
The case grows stranger when the victim of an old cold case comes forward with disturbing information, and a second victim appears.
6/6/18 9:41 PM
Wesley Bracken
A detective begins investigating a strange rape case, with a victim who is no longer who he was.
6/4/18 8:05 PM
Tom Gungy 5/17/18 2:08 AM
Tom Gungy
A military squad was instructed to intercept a package, though none of theme bothered to ask why. It's not until it arrived at the base that it occurred to them they should've.
5/17/18 2:02 AM
Tkhon 5/16/18 5:51 AM
Felix a YouTuber is reached out to by his biggest fan. Who happens to help felix think differently
4/24/18 1:42 AM
A horny college student stumbles upon a mysterious website, every man whose picture gets uploaded there turns into an irresistible bearish hunk. Only thing he doesn't know is that the best fap session of his life might have unforeseen consequences.
3/30/18 6:52 PM
M. Greene 3/20/18 8:18 PM
M. Greene 3/16/18 2:53 PM
Wesley Bracken
The only thing certain in the city is Change. That, and that everyone in the city has a story.
2/7/18 1:08 AM
With the satyr’s help, Jeremy gives in to his inner desires.
1/14/18 3:24 PM
While Jeremy sleeps, the satyrs have their fun. Meanwhile Jeremy has the wildest dream
1/12/18 11:41 PM
Jeremy begins to feel more at home in the woods with the help of a tune.
1/3/18 1:24 PM
Jeremy goes on a hike and stumbles upon a whole new world.
1/1/18 9:48 PM
Just a standard evening between a group of friends, playing some video games, bantering around, checking out a website that turns their pictures into those of bearded, hirsute men in fetish gear... wait what?
12/9/17 1:14 AM
It's not gambling if you're sure you're going to win, right?
10/24/17 9:44 PM
Touchstone 10/19/17 8:34 PM
PapaUrsus 10/10/17 7:19 PM
The calm before the transformation
10/9/17 7:59 PM
Tom gets to see what Josh does during the day.
10/8/17 12:20 PM
screamingmoist 10/3/17 10:51 PM
All Jeremy wishes for is to get to his hotel room and rest. However he soon finds out the room isn't as vacant as he hoped.
9/26/17 1:36 AM
PapaUrsus 9/16/17 8:37 AM
Josh finds his cub.
9/14/17 7:56 PM
The hunter becomes the hunted when a man gets pursued by a certain creature. Afterwords, he shares his new Gifts.
8/25/17 12:43 AM
An otherworldly visitor gives Tom something to dream about.
7/28/17 3:42 PM
A wish for some hotter looking guys has some unforeseen consequence. Could this be the beginning of a brave new world?
7/28/17 1:58 PM
A college student discovers that a weekend out in the country can have very transformative effects!
7/22/17 8:14 PM
webb025 7/14/17 1:02 PM
Two roommates find their lives completely transformed after one of them has the misfortune of running into a certain leather bear during his night out with friends.
7/8/17 10:15 PM