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A new stain of COVID - 19 breaks - out. Doctor Reeves claims to be near finding a cure. But he is ridiculed and dismissed by his fellow doctors. What will he do to finish his work, and find the cure?
5/11/20 9:33 AM
9/19/19 5:32 PM
A fraternity stages a fierce competition among young men who want to join. The penalty for losing is very stiff indeed. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
12/19/19 9:05 AM
Jeffrey bungles an escape from a trio of Hunters, and discovers their idea of a celebration.
12/24/19 12:29 PM
Jeffrey decides he'll try to flake out on the game, only to discover he's a little too late to back out without consequences
12/23/19 9:11 PM
A mysterious camera turns Paul's photo shoot with his hunky friend Joe into something much steamier than either of them intended
1/24/20 9:48 PM
Religious Joseph intends to save himself for marriage. God Almighty has other Plans
4/21/20 6:22 AM
The pledges enjoy themselves as a group. But can their sexy fun last forever?
4/13/20 6:16 AM
The high stakes competition to pledge Kappa Omega Kappa moves into its second round. This time, even fewer pledges will survive the game without getting fucked. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
2/6/20 7:54 PM
3/29/20 8:15 AM
Rafe is desperate to put on muscle. His roommate Craig offers him some experimental pills. But these pills have side effects that Rafe doesn't fully understand.
1/22/20 9:48 AM
Morgan's side of the story is revealed as Rex gets stripped, fucked, and photographed by Dutch
1/20/20 7:42 AM
A mysterious app offers to generate nude pictures of any man the user desires. The truth is a bit different than advertised.
12/13/19 7:24 AM
Unbeknownst to this cocky, well-hung swimmer, my nanobots have the power to cut him down to size.
10/1/19 7:42 PM
Unbeknownst to this rich, spoiled lacrosse player, my nanobots have the power to make him a submissive bottom boy
12/9/19 12:11 PM
9/8/19 7:10 AM
Unbeknownst to these sexy studs, they're about to become my patient zeros and transmit mind-controlling nanobots to the whole school. Then, it's time for me to make my involvement a little more personal.
9/10/19 4:31 AM
Hector attempts to provide his slave with some new pleasures.
3/29/20 8:14 AM
It's my first time... But I'm nervous. How am I supposed to know what to do?
4/3/20 5:36 AM
After their ambush by a Hunter, the pledges adjust to their new situation and learn a few new things about Pink Haze
4/8/20 3:21 PM
Max's boyfriend, Officer Tucker McGee, flies to SF for some playtime with Zelinski -- imagine his surprise....
11/9/19 7:33 PM
9/6/19 4:17 PM
Benny enjoys his new latex suckers so much, he insists his buddy try them.
9/18/09 8:00 PM
The master just keeps getting crueler...
12/6/18 7:36 PM
Picking up where we left off, Oliver decides to join the frat and is surprised by the simple application process. However, things are never quite what they seem.
4/16/19 11:54 AM
Billy and Kye fall in love, We meet their boss and some unfinished business is taken care of.
8/19/19 10:41 AM
Just a man and his boyfriend enjoying a quiet day in when a stranger drops in with other plans.
5/14/20 8:21 PM
A college frat bro has an experience of his life.
10/30/19 10:24 AM
12/12/19 11:43 AM
7/23/17 4:30 PM