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jawhite_miller Greg puts John through his first week of changes. Both get a little more than expected. 6/30/14 2:20 AM
jawhite_miller Kevin decides to interfere with Greg and John's lives to gain control over John. The two are helpless as they find themselves changing. 5/17/15 5:32 PM
jawhite_miller The conclusion of Greg and John's tale, as Kevin tries to pull them apart forever. Will love or lust win? Or maybe both? 4/15/16 5:30 AM
MasterJerker A civilized man visits his farming family, but he's unaware of the change they'd undergone in his absence. 5/20/18 5:25 AM
midwest_hypnosis Joe's interest in magic leads to him making an aromatic elixir he intended to test at the NASCAR race...his older brother Brad wasn't supposed to be his first subject. 4/20/15 6:20 AM
midwest_hypnosis Brad's POV of what's going on with his little brother. Brad doesn't even realize he's just become the subject of Joe's first attempt at a magic spell and controlling someone. 4/24/15 7:30 AM
midwest_hypnosis During their bathroom break, Joe finds out how much his aromatic elixir & spell affected Brad. He didn't think anything worked; but, begins to find out how much the spell worked. 5/4/15 1:07 AM
Peircedskin A police officer get an assignment that is gonna change his life forever! 4/14/06 8:00 PM
Voodooweaver A young man looking for a new beginning is granted just that when he insults an older man at a gas station 3/25/17 4:19 PM
Peircedskin thought i'd already posted this here but looks like i haven't. enjoy :) 8/30/09 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken Steve decides he needs to take a vacation, and relax. 3/12/12 8:00 PM
Nexis Pas A comfortable chair, a fine cigar, a glass of wine, a warm fire, and Mike 1/4/07 7:00 PM
Nexis Pas a troubled young man and his psychiatrist discuss his fantasy(?) 1/4/07 7:00 PM
Nexis Pas another evening before the fire for Mike, the lad does like the flames 1/4/07 7:00 PM
Nexis Pas Another disturbing visit to the psychiatrist 1/5/07 7:00 PM
Nexis Pas The final segment in Mike's training 1/5/07 7:00 PM
z119z An author finds inspiration while getting a cup of coffee. 1/16/18 3:41 PM
Wesley Bracken Two very different men end up sharing a hotel room and all their dreams come true. 10/23/12 8:00 PM
mcbaer Just a standard evening between a group of friends, playing some video games, bantering around, checking out a website that turns their pictures into those of bearded, hirsute men in fetish gear... wait what? 12/9/17 1:14 AM
mcbaer A horny college student stumbles upon a mysterious website, every man whose picture gets uploaded there turns into an irresistible bearish hunk. Only thing he doesn't know is that the best fap session of his life might have unforeseen consequences. 3/30/18 6:52 PM
M. Greene Shifting allegiances... 4/9/18 7:30 AM
Titan Stan seeks revenge by transforming Tom into Ben and his slave. 6/10/08 8:00 PM
Wesley Bracken Two college roommates redefine their relationship. 3/10/10 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken The college converts one of its final hold outs. 2/11/11 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken A book in the library gives a nerd a new life. 5/25/10 8:00 PM
slyleather Kyle experiences a dark powerful bliss that breaks down barriers 7/6/13 8:00 PM
slyleather Kyle's move is just the first step to becoming a Real Man 1/27/10 7:00 PM
slyleather It's already too late when Kyle realizes what's happening. 2/3/10 7:00 PM
slyleather Pain is the common theme as Kyle begins to be trained to be a real man. 2/16/10 7:00 PM
slyleather Kyle is being stripped of who he is as he is trained to smoke 4/21/12 8:00 PM