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stratford 27
An uncle teaches his jock nephew a lesson using hypnosis
6/17/06 8:00 PM
absman420 7/27/14 11:15 AM
A strange plant is found which has unexpected effects on men: The series
10/2/06 8:00 PM
preppyjbd (Original) and Hypnothrill (Adaptation)
Matt discovers something odd about the preppy gated community of Chelsea Park
6/17/14 2:04 PM
Sonya Esperanto. Adapted by: Sixmote
A young man turns his father into a remote controlled robot-zombie. But a neighbor will do anything to get the remote that controls him. Gender-swap version of Sonya Esperanto's MCstories story.
12/18/15 1:43 PM
A pharmaceutical company demonstrates to a senator their latest pheromone reprogramming technology.
9/22/13 8:00 PM
Jack finds a young man in his office one day who shows him what he’s been missing out on all along
4/19/10 8:00 PM
Johnny's been very naughty and goads his Daddy into punishing him.
5/23/11 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Prince Pierre Casiraghi is enslaved and turned into a bottom boy toy
7/1/11 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Gerald is a disgusting pervert, and when he gets unlimited wishes, he turns to the Forester family
1/26/09 7:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
George enslaves Stephen's brothers for some hot steamy incest fun!
6/30/11 8:00 PM
Albatross and NCMC readers
Gerald's corruption is far from finished
7/1/09 8:00 PM
Vince waits for his college acceptance letter. Overnight, Dexter, another guy living down the street, gets his hands on something that allows him to warp reality. Vince, and everyone else, will never be the same.
12/30/15 4:02 PM
Anonymous, NRG and the wiki
The army has developed a new kind of gas warfare
11/15/13 7:00 PM
Good Boy and NCMC readers
Randy's stepdad finds a genie that grants his wishes.
3/13/07 8:00 PM
thom21 and NCMC readers
One guy unleashes a plan to transform his friend
8/11/05 8:00 PM
When a son decides to pump his dad full of Roids and reaps the benefits
8/4/17 12:34 AM
Jason so wants a family that he takes over his best friend's, giving each member their proper role
8/16/09 8:00 PM
Anonymous 10/10/09 8:00 PM
Eric and Ethan think little Todd is Eric's newest slave boy
9/19/05 8:00 PM
Kurt discovers that his triggers don't only have an effect on Dale
2/10/09 7:00 PM
Ed moves into a new house, where he discovers a strange power that allows him to take revenge on his neighbors for what they did to him in the past.
6/24/18 3:46 AM
Anonymous 9/25/09 8:00 PM
A sequel to Hyptrance's "The Hero Sometimes Fails"
10/12/09 8:00 PM
Jason Tests His Control of His "Family"
10/15/09 8:00 PM
The Leakers virus spreads to city hall, and the city feels the effects.
7/29/18 4:44 AM
Jason's life among the brotherhood of cumheads, and their subsequent collection by the witchdoctor
12/26/09 7:00 PM
A young man accidentally hypnotizes a cop after being unfairly profiled and almost arrested. He decides to embark on a journey of self discovery and a beginning new life at the same time. The community he lives in will never be the same.
1/5/17 6:41 AM
Another shinhead is broken- this time by his brother and two Vets
Category missing
4/21/07 8:00 PM
Stroppy Author 7/21/18 2:13 PM