Author Name Published
Cris Kane
A pop star is given a night of anonymity to explore San Francisco in a hunky new body, thanks to Mr. Lee's magic.
7/6/14 3:43 AM
Cris Kane
Rich from selling his tech stocks, David hopes to improve his love life with a makeover from a mysterious shop in Chinatown.
6/29/14 7:12 PM
Cris Kane
A gay couple in San Francisco for their shared birthday cope with the effects of Mr. Lee's magic.
7/22/14 4:50 AM
Cris Kane
Searching for his missing friend, Mike encounters a dimwitted stud named Dave, and follows the clues to Mr. Lee's shop.
7/10/14 3:53 AM
Cris Kane
A billionaire ropes a lowly accountant into going on a mysterious mission to Mr. Lee's notorious shop.
7/27/14 2:18 AM
Inspired by the Chris Kane X-Dream Makeover Series, meet Walter Simmons a well-off, hunky widow. He could easily remarry a woman but is carrying an old secret. He hopes a trip to Mr. Lee's will give him the life he's always wanted, but will he be able to pay the price?
6/17/17 7:45 PM
Richard Davis is hapless, college student looking to get close to a cute new student named Wally. The only problem he doesn't seem interested. A serendipitous set of circumstances lead Rich to Mr. Lee's Shop leading to unexpected happiness.
6/23/17 3:28 AM
Rory orders some cheap back-of-the-comic toys he found online, for nostalgia's sake.
2/24/18 12:58 AM