Author Name Published
Mr. Chambers' new inventions finally seem to be perfected, and when Adam and Kyle stay behind to complete their assignment, he has a perfect opportunity to test his inventions out.
2/18/15 7:01 AM
John decides it's time to take ownership of Dave
8/24/19 5:00 AM
Willie Cici
A subway ride begins the day that changes lives forever . . .
2/5/16 7:53 PM
S. Edmonds
On this day, I presented Henry with a Protocol tailored to my desires and preferences.
12/29/18 10:10 AM
Alex's friend lends him his Oculus Rift VR headset...
8/1/16 3:24 PM
Willie Cici
Tyler and Miguel have to sneak around to get to their part-time job . . .
10/13/18 6:09 PM
Willie Cici
Ted gets a call from his dad. He needs help at the night club . . .
10/24/18 8:39 PM
New clues, new problems
11/17/17 7:10 PM
Willie Cici
Wesley woke in the middle of the night. The full moon filled his bedroom. Why did sleep evade him . . .
1/6/17 6:59 PM
A college sophomore is given an unlikely tool
11/2/17 9:57 PM
don't you get tired of people being offended by every little thing? me too
12/7/15 3:55 AM
An office security guard gets a feel for cop fantasies
2/17/19 9:51 AM
An office security guard gets a feel for cop fantasies
2/17/19 10:53 AM
An office security guard gets a feel for cop fantasies
2/17/19 6:53 PM
The author takes an unexpected detour, and sets up Victor for something terrible
2/20/19 10:08 PM
Bit of exposition from Vicotr's point of view, erotic stuff at the end.
2/23/19 11:33 PM
Heru Kane
With a new boss comes the new experience of becoming a part of a group.
11/5/16 9:05 PM
magister 11/4/05 7:00 PM
Mindwinder 10/22/18 12:29 PM
Office Asssistant gets revenge on Staight Bosses
8/13/05 8:00 PM
Office Assistant continues to Control Straight Boss Men
8/29/05 8:00 PM
Officer Watson investgates a gang of skinheads which he dislkes,but has a change of mind
12/21/17 1:43 PM
[FURRIES!] Greg uses some weird magic tricks to get down and dirty both with himself, and to toy with his coworker on an important deal.
9/27/18 5:01 AM
[FURRIES] Mr Bongo has joined the company, to more than one dismay. Greg has a way to make sure things go well for both parties.
11/18/18 7:38 AM
[FURRIES] With Greg's ritual cast, Garrett's meeting with Mr. Bongo is about to take a rather bizarre turn.
11/12/18 12:13 PM
[FURRIES] Garrett reports to his work like a good girl.
4/21/19 11:39 AM
Willie Cici
Tyrone and Daquis enter a special off-season training regimen that Coach Buzz recommended -- yoga!
1/23/19 9:03 PM
Willie Cici
Two high school sweethearts embark for college. The lessons they learn on the way are - - -
8/12/15 5:25 PM
Willie Cici
Dante accepts a gig in Malibu and meets the head of the advertising agency . . .
12/17/18 7:47 AM
Willie Cici
Derek and Spencer learn that their roommate Greg has learned to hypnotize his clients. What comes next, they may never know . . . .
2/20/18 5:13 AM