The Grandfather's Gift

Series Summary

Sam receives a pendant from his grandfather, not what he expected but while he goes on his daily life, he will discover that magic is real and his fantasies may come true

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Author Name Published
Chad learns about his past and discovers a new interest in Sam....
11/12/19 6:59 AM
BobbyBlobfish 11/10/19 1:37 PM
Chad needs Ty if he want more slaves.
11/10/19 8:50 AM
Sam does counseling with a latino plagued with self-doubt.
11/10/19 8:49 AM
BobbyBlobfish 11/10/19 8:47 AM
Chad's in control. And pissed. And a wannabe matchmaker.
11/9/19 8:24 AM
BobbyBlobfish 11/7/19 6:54 AM
A new path. Without realizing Sam makes three boys fall in love with him, what will he do when he realizes the power of his amulet?
10/21/19 10:56 AM
will decide a third possibility to his situation
10/14/19 6:10 AM
Sam decide that rather than enjoying the unknow hunk, his brother is deserving of a visit...
10/13/19 9:18 PM