Hypnotising Brendan

Series Summary

Steve has had his eye on his classmate Brendan for years. He finally comes to the conclusion that hypnosis is the way to make Brendan his. That said, he is going to need to practice first.

Author Name Published
Brendan's friend comes to visit, but so do his brother's friends.
8/28/19 9:44 PM
After some thwarted attempts, Steve decides that he can get to Brendan another way - through his family.
8/23/19 5:55 AM
After getting interrupted while trying to hypnotise Brendan, Steve sets his sights on his neighbour.
4/28/19 12:23 PM
2704 words
Barry comes over for band practice but gets more than just that
12/13/18 5:45 PM
1295 words
Darren decides to try hypnotising Steve
12/4/18 3:35 PM
1706 words
Steve shifts his attention to Lee who unwittingly put himself in Steve's crosshairs
12/4/18 3:34 PM
1957 words
Aidan and Neil visit Steve's house, only to become his next targets.
12/4/18 3:32 PM
2170 words
Unsuspecting neighbour Gerry becomes hypno-target practice
12/4/18 5:25 AM