A Most Unusual Curse

Author Name Published
Author Name Published
BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com Finn learns just how BIG of a mistake he has made. 3/27/18 1:10 AM
BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com Finnlay puts his plan into action, against Jacksons wishes. 3/12/18 1:11 PM
BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com Finnlay experiments with Jackson and researches the curse, then forms a plan for his own gain.... 2/24/18 2:49 AM
BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com Jacksons transformation continues... 2/18/18 1:38 AM
BeefyBullGuy@outlook.com Jackson damages an ancient artefact, and is cursed to become a living version of it... 2/11/18 2:47 AM