Mr. Red

Series Summary

From the universe of “The Change” we meet Mr. Red, one of the Triumvirate.

Author Name Published
Drake shows Scribe the surprise he had in store while Nate spends an evening at home.
9/18/19 3:35 PM
We get a visit from Rome and Craig is finally released. Scribe takes a trip.
6/22/19 11:44 PM
Nate goes to the gym while Gael continues to look for help.
4/5/19 1:22 AM
Craig is still in the Maze while Mr. Red tries something new and Gael goes to Italy.
1/22/19 5:28 PM
There are many entrances into the Maze.
11/8/18 11:18 AM
gymmuscle 9/23/18 12:19 AM
We find out what the remaining Primals have been up to, and we meed Mr. Red's new partner against the gods.
7/21/18 5:50 PM
Craig has an interesting night at work and Scribe talks to her boss.
6/16/18 1:48 AM
Scribe follows the nerdy looking man who came out of Namkuzu's shop.
5/4/18 10:58 PM
Namkuzu has a nightmare and Colton sleeps over at Craig's.
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4/6/18 2:18 AM