Mr. Red

Series Summary

From the universe of “The Change” we meet Mr. Red, one of the Triumvirate.

Author Name Published
5/25/20 2:29 AM
Max interviews a new assistant and Scribe gets a visit from Sophia.
3/9/20 8:29 AM
Craig and Namkuzu have a little chat while Nate has a meeting with his boss.
1/19/20 8:46 AM
Ash and Coach Red-Bear watch the game at home and Craig takes a strange ride to Namkuzu's shop.
1/5/20 11:17 AM
Craig and Nate finally meet again.
10/26/19 6:23 AM
Drake shows Scribe the surprise he had in store while Nate spends an evening at home.
9/18/19 3:35 PM
We get a visit from Rome and Craig is finally released. Scribe takes a trip.
6/22/19 11:44 PM
Nate goes to the gym while Gael continues to look for help.
4/5/19 1:22 AM
Craig is still in the Maze while Mr. Red tries something new and Gael goes to Italy.
1/22/19 5:28 PM
There are many entrances into the Maze.
11/8/18 11:18 AM