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Lee wakes up in his new life and enjoys his first day as Liam.
5/6/18 12:18 AM
The finale of Jockboy Adventures
1/8/18 12:31 PM
Samuel gives Lee the serum needed to change Lee's life and make him the man of Samuel's dreams.
12/30/17 9:36 PM
Samuel starts his work on changing Lee.
12/10/17 12:55 AM
A former Marine is starting to become discouraged that he won't find the perfect companion. He finds the perfect blank slate in a young Mormon missionary and receives help from a friend to change the missionary to his perfect companion
12/5/17 2:54 AM
The exciting conclusion to the Halloween fun.
11/13/17 3:26 AM
Time for the second act of Coach's Halloween evening. Who will be the participants and what will they be doing.
11/5/17 10:32 PM
Halloween has finally arrived and Coach Greene has everything prepared for a wicked night with his special jocks.
10/30/17 3:06 AM
During their workout, Brad is dismayed that he doesn't have abs like Martin and Joseph. Coach Greene over hears this and decides to assist Brad, with some help from Martin and Joseph.
10/29/17 11:07 PM
The team has their last practice before their first conference game. After practice, the special jocks decided to have a quick workout. After the workout, Vince, Andy and Cal decided to have some fun.
9/30/17 1:14 AM