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Robert M

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Robert M 5/10/17 3:25 AM
Robert M 5/8/17 2:42 AM
Robert M 5/7/17 4:25 AM
Robert M
This was my attempt at a military NCMC story. The set up might be a little long. I do see it as having more chapters. So this is Chapter One. I also released I wanted to shift the motivation from revenge to connection. I think I am more of a romantic than anything else. That's it hope you like it.
5/3/17 5:30 AM
Robert M
A continuation of my vamp story.
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4/29/17 4:25 PM
Robert M 4/29/17 1:24 AM
Robert M
Part 4 of my College Fantasy.
4/27/17 4:43 AM
Robert M
Continuation of my College Fantasy
4/26/17 2:12 AM
Robert M
A bit of a college fantasy.
4/25/17 3:12 AM
Robert M
Hi... this is my second story. It is a stand alone Vampire Story. Kind of my impressionistic take on the genre. The mind control stuff is there... hope you all like it.
4/19/17 6:41 AM