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Simon finds an old statue to an imperialist explorer, and finds it impossible to resist its influence.
7/15/20 7:40 AM
With some help, Jeffrey makes a narrow escape from Carl, and survives to end of the round.
6/29/20 4:54 PM
Carl puts Jeffrey’s booby-trapped warehouse to the test.
4/30/20 6:10 AM
Jeffrey is hunted. Biff is angry. Carl is terrifying. Mitch has a plan. The stakes are even higher in this round…
2/11/20 1:07 PM
Jeff hides out in a club for a while. A showdown. What will the next round bring?
2/3/20 4:12 PM
Finn accepts the changes the ring has made, and learns more about the ring and about Mr Pollex and Navi. The third and final part of Finn’s story (for now, at least).
1/24/20 4:59 PM
Mr Pollex’s assistant Navi gets Finn into even more trouble as the ring opens Finn’s mind to new possibilities.
1/22/20 4:08 PM
Finn buys a cursed purity ring from Christian bookshop owner Mr Pollex. It proves to be more than he can handle.
1/16/20 12:11 PM
Yiannis discovers an erotic mind-control story that keeps him frustratingly horny until he can give it the rating it deserves.
1/12/20 9:28 PM
K.O.K. vice-president Pablo and frat bro Zachary catch Jeffrey hiding in the apartment. Game over...
1/7/20 12:32 PM