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A Voyeur Fan

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Jeffrey lets go of the rifle. Patrick has fun with them all. The pledges parade back to the frat house in captivity.
5/15/20 9:34 PM
Sifrid the hunky incubus is used to charming men into sex with his demonic powers. But when he meets a young man immune to his demonic charms, Sifrid's life is turned upside down.
5/10/20 2:22 AM
Religious Joseph intends to save himself for marriage. God Almighty has other Plans
4/21/20 6:22 AM
The pledges enjoy themselves as a group. But can their sexy fun last forever?
4/13/20 6:16 AM
After their ambush by a Hunter, the pledges adjust to their new situation and learn a few new things about Pink Haze
4/8/20 3:21 PM
Jeff and Mitch meet some fellow Hunted, but one visitor comes as a surprise.
4/7/20 6:08 AM
The high stakes competition to pledge Kappa Omega Kappa moves into its second round. This time, even fewer pledges will survive the game without getting fucked. Choose Your Own Adventure Community Series
2/6/20 7:54 PM
Jeffrey escapes detection, minus his clothing. The frat has his number, but Samir has a plan to help.
1/30/20 8:23 AM
Chris deepens his roommate's conditioning, and gives him an erotic massage to put him deep in a trance.
1/29/20 9:08 AM
Hot nerd Alex faces a mysterious opponent in an online card game. As his losses stack up, Alex is persuaded to show a little skin in order to stay in the game.
1/25/20 7:47 PM