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The doctor takes his creation to a fetish bar to secure another slave.
7/17/19 8:16 AM
Alex becomes what he only dreamt he could be, a complete Rubberman
7/4/19 5:45 AM
Doctor Holmes continues transforming Alex into the ultimate soldier
6/20/19 9:58 AM
A mad scientist for a neighbour is a recipe for disaster.
6/20/19 9:55 AM
A guy into transformation fetishes meets a neighbour who has the means to apply all of these in a massive makeover.
6/20/19 5:02 AM
A mailman lands himself in hot water. Face a dangerous lone-shark or face Ivan the mystical Master Barber.
3/15/18 6:24 AM
Billy is captured by the Barber that has already transformed an after-hours customer into his slave. Jake the barber has different plans for the nosey neighbour.
8/25/17 3:49 AM
Going to a new barber can prove hazardous to your look.
7/27/17 7:11 AM
Cooper Denwood and his gym trainer become twin security guards. They will work for Ivan the mysterious barber sending candidates from the local university to Sam's Barbershop.
7/19/16 5:50 AM
A new careers advisor at Coopers college gathers customers for Ivan's Barbershop of horrors.
6/4/15 1:53 AM