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Mike and I go on a shopping adventure to update his look.
7/30/19 5:45 AM
Changing the world, one pair of underwear at a time.
7/14/19 9:27 AM
Coming to terms with my new abilities and figuring out what to do with a nearly naked stud.
7/4/19 1:30 PM
You know that what you're reading can't have happened, except that it did, and it's the strangest thing.
6/20/19 9:45 PM
Have you ever discovered that the underwear you are wearing is not yours?
6/18/19 4:42 PM
This happened to someone recently, was it you?
6/14/19 4:44 AM
1407 words
A different take on your typical porn story
5/27/19 9:56 PM