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A new fashion company, men becoming perfect over night, and the customers turning away from trusted retailers in exchange for this new company. It's down to some trusted spies to find out what's going on, if they don't get turned first.
2/7/19 12:18 PM
After his first conquest of a hero the Editor is ready to try out his powers on others, though he's not quite as strong as he thinks he is.
12/12/18 12:13 PM
A superhero is planning on taking down a new supervillain, little does he realize that the closer he gets to the villain, the more he changes.
12/10/18 9:59 AM
5647 words
A stream causes a small group of hikers to become far more than they could'v ever imagined.
8/4/18 7:13 AM
A police officer is sent to investigate a party involving many man wearing skimpy clothing, but the pack always makes sure whoever enters their turf never leaves the same way they came in.
6/19/18 10:54 PM
A company releases a new brand of thongs that have the ability to make the wearer more attractive... and incredibly devoted.
6/18/18 5:17 AM
3056 words
Caldin disapproves of strip clubs, but when he decides to pay a gay club a visit he finds himself being drawn into the activities.
4/30/18 8:03 AM
What seemed to be an ordinary day quickly flips on its head for Rozz as men start fucking in the street... and they seem to be coming back sexier and hornier.
4/27/18 7:20 AM
A man wakes up alone in a small room soon to find out that he is on his way to be sold and turned into a different person for his new husband.
12/15/16 9:01 AM
4838 words
A hot new club to get your rocks off, what could be better for a group of horny college students?
10/3/16 8:11 AM