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John and Dominic decide to see a relationship counsellor in an attempt to settle their differences. After losing his patience with the two, Dr. Grey uses a more unconventional method to resolve their conflict.
12/28/17 4:45 AM
Daniel Gordon gets hexed to become a submissive, cock-hungry bottom as revenge, and gets dominated by his roommate.
3/13/17 5:23 PM
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Darren finally gets promoted to Chief of Police. He's certain he'll be a better Chief than the old one, but it turns out there's more to the job than just a desk and a badge. A lot more.
3/6/17 6:31 PM
8/29/16 2:03 PM
Cody tags along to Devon's football practice, and soon finds himself joining in. Things get a little heated in the locker room.
8/27/16 2:11 PM
Cody finds himself surprisingly horny, and ends up skipping obligations to meet up with Devon to work out. And, of course, he ends up acting even more like a bro.
8/25/16 2:42 PM
Cody finds himself beginning to act the part. Unbeknownst to him, he's on the cusp of undergoing some major changes.
8/23/16 12:57 PM
Cody slowly gets transformed into a real jock - hairy, muscular, horny, and just plain dumb - courtesy of his roommate Devon.
8/23/16 2:04 AM