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Mark convinces his business partner Benji and husband Greg to join him on the honeymoon tour. Cameos by Benji and Patrick from my first story on the site: Customer Service.
10/29/19 5:22 AM
Mark starts to assemble the team for Matthew and Josh's honeymoon surprise.
10/28/19 6:01 AM
A newlywed couple in their late-thirties and early-forties explore the best of what the Highlands have to offer with the help of their rugged tour guide, Mark.
1/5/18 4:28 AM
2202 words
When the mechanics come over to install the new washer and dryer, Colin receives more than he bargained for.
8/25/16 8:43 PM
1574 words
A department store's new marketing campaign leaves customers satisfied and eager to come back.
8/17/16 9:39 PM