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Woke up in a body, self-aware for the first time. Who am I? What should I do?
4/26/20 4:28 PM
1433 words
This is what happens if you don’t know your own strength. Someone else would take over instead.
12/1/18 7:23 AM
1738 words
Mike is given a pill that he believed makes him smarter
1/7/18 8:07 AM
I want to increase my relationship with my bully. But first I need to increase my relationship with his father.
4/30/17 3:39 AM
I had a sort-of-serious talk with Max...with both of us naked thoroughout it...somehow with me not realizing it...*Spoiler: no sex (BOO!!!)
3/26/17 4:54 PM
I woke up in the hospital, remembering nothing. And who is that hot guy sitting next to my bed?
3/24/17 5:50 PM
1383 words
Words have power. There are those that make whatever they speak become true...then there are those that doesn't
2/18/17 2:16 AM
I decided to use the pills...on Chris...and his previous best friend Alex
9/2/16 8:28 PM
A classic (I think) mc/hypnosis/brainwash story. Main character noticed that Chris(<-get mc-ed) looks aloof when he came back to the dorm.
8/16/16 11:57 AM