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A man wakes up and knows he's a chicken. He doesn't LOOK like a chicken, but he must be one.
2/6/20 5:27 AM
3384 words
A couple routine visits to the doctor's office. Nothing to see here.
5/20/19 6:46 AM
A young man finds himself learning to fall in line and become a real man thanks to his stepdad.
4/9/19 11:59 AM
1486 words
You go in for a massage and figure some things out
12/14/18 12:05 PM
4059 words
11/20/18 9:51 AM
3325 words
An awesome Halloween party is around the corner, but first he needs to get fitted for an awesome costume
10/24/18 9:28 AM
10/21/18 7:26 AM
1196 words
A stranger at the bus stop tries to tell Kennedy what he likes, but he's not even close
9/8/18 7:06 AM
3769 words
8/19/18 5:19 PM
2897 words
8/3/18 5:25 AM