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After being gifted a mask, a man is seduced into releasing a corruptive god
5/4/20 12:26 AM
Pushed to the limit by an overly intrusive friend, Jeremy seeks revenge for the first time...
4/24/20 5:40 AM
12/7/19 1:33 PM
Henry gets his hands on an experimental beam that makes everything it hits fuck him without noticing.
9/29/19 12:53 AM
Trucked out to the desert by the last remaining women, Derek falls prey to a man with an unexpected configuration.
8/25/19 11:55 AM
5/8/19 12:57 PM
1/19/19 8:06 AM
Matt hits the sauna after a workout with his friend, Dave, but the musky steam starts to make his head spin.
12/28/18 1:37 AM
With a new virus on the rise that effects dick size, Sam doesn't think much of it. However, after what he assumes is a prank, he quickly reconsiders what he think he knows about 'being thirsty'.
12/21/18 10:39 PM