Author Name Published
Author Name Published
screamingmoist A man goes for a swim and his life goes in a new direction. 8/5/18 9:49 PM
screamingmoist Bruce is made an offer he can't refuse. 6/10/18 4:01 PM
screamingmoist Two husbands use a certain book to improve their relationship. 4/28/18 8:14 PM
screamingmoist A man has to pay his gambling debts with something more than money. 3/30/18 7:10 PM
screamingmoist The interviews continue with a pair of men who look strikingly similar. 3/12/18 8:33 PM
screamingmoist A man's attempt to avoid the gym doesn't go as planned. 2/6/18 11:51 PM
screamingmoist A man's trip to a relaxation retreat doesn't go as planned. 1/14/18 7:40 PM
screamingmoist A young man gets more than he bargained for when he goes to the chiropractor 1/1/18 8:53 PM
screamingmoist A man has a recurring nightmare, but it's just a dream...isn't it? 12/21/17 3:32 AM
screamingmoist A familiar book finds its way to a new author. 11/13/17 2:52 AM